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Project Overview

With smartphones becoming an increasingly important part of our customers’ lives, we looked at how we could leverage this to bring Telstra closer to our customers. That’s why we developed the Telstra 24x7® App. We wanted to provide flexibility for our customers to manage their accounts and services easily and conveniently.
The App is a new way for customers to interact with Telstra. It provides access to track estimated call and data usage, pay bills, recharge credit, contact Telstra online for help 24 hours, 7 days a week, plus more.

We needed to communicate the App to our customers.





Telstra Digital Core Team: Ayjan Ibrahim, Karen Le, Niko Bielovich, Max Boulat, Steve McCormack, Jin Yap
Telstra Digital Extended Team: Shaun Burgess, Duncan Crowell, Aaron Isaac, Jeff Ramos
Brand Marketing: Paul McGee, Inese Kingsmill, Nick Adams, Ewan Belsey
Retail: Shane Burford
Legal: Margaret Wadden, Jacob Grainer

Project Brief

The project was a huge success. The numbers don’t lie:

- Grew the active users of the Telstra 24x7 App from 60k to over 1M in under 12 months.
- Our customers have downloaded the App over 2 million times
- Maximum number of active users in a week was 500,000
- We have had over 200,000 Live Chats originated by customers from the App

The goal of the campaign was to give Telstra customers the tools to effectively manage their accounts and services. In turn, this encourages users to tell their friends and become advocates for not only the App, but for Telstra.

We achieved this by planning a fully integrated multi-touch campaign across multiple channels that promoted the offering both internally to Telstra staff and externally to our customers.

With an integrated marketing campaign we achieved over 2.1 million downloads in 11 months, and saw a lift in positive perception from customers using the Telstra 24x7 App and a 70% increase in customer satisfaction from customers using the App.

Since we launched, our customers have been telling us what they want and we’ve been listening. In fact, we’ve updated the App with new capabilities based on feedback that we’ve received.

Project Need

Engaging our call centre and retail staff was the first step. We launched an App campaign where a set of characters were born. There were games, animated videos, life sized cardboard cut outs, posters and merchandise sent across our Call Centres and Retail stores. It was engaging and encouraged staff to download the App and talk about it to customers.

Our ATL campaign featured a loveable critter spinning in a wheel, portraying the hectic lifestyle we lead. The outtake was that the Telstra 24x7 App puts you in control, making it easier to manage your accounts and services on the go. The look and feel of the creative conveyed the futuristic world we are moving towards.

We leveraged the creative internally, by running the TVC in our Call Centres, stores and on our intranet site and Telstra.com homepage. We utilised our Social Media channels, posting the ad on the Telstra 24x7 page on Facebook, Twitter and CrowdSupport page. The ad created positive chat among our social community.

As part of our internal engagement, to encourage our Retail channels and Call Centres to promote the App, we sent staff a pair of Telstra 24x7 App branded slippers and a note saying ‘slip into something more comfortable’. This created positive momentum and internal buzz and kept the Telstra 24x7 App front of mind.

The outcome; over 2 million downloads, a frequent number 1 spot in the Apple App store for top free Apps and an active user base of 1 million users.

User Experience

The call to action (CTA) across all of our communications was simple - download the Telstra 24x7 App from the Google Play store, the App Store or on your Facebook account. Once the customer downloads the App they can either log in using their My Account details, which enables them to view all of their linked Telstra services or simply access the information for the device they are using.

We took a sample and tested two CTAs for an SMS campaign. One CTA directed customers to our Telstra.com/apps landing page, which had device detection where our customers could enter the Google Play store or the App Store from this page. The second CTA, we inserted a link to the Google Play Market store or the App Store. The second CTA was by far the most successful, with over 10% conversion to download rate, which is a very successful direct marketing campaign. The CTA needed to be simple, making the user experience easy.

Project Marketing

The primary focus of our marketing strategy was to raise awareness; drive App downloads and repeat usage.

-We designed and planned a multi channel and multi contact approach that was executed by a cross functional team across various business teams. We worked closely with Retail, Call Centre and various business stakeholders.
-Collaboration across these teams and sharing a common goal was essential to sustain the required velocity during the project so the business outcomes could be achieved by June 2013.

Our customer engagement marketing strategy included:
- Update existing collateral to include the App message.
- Create a dedicated page on Telstra.com that was mobile optimised with device detection.
- Deploy a 1:1 SMS & eDM campaign targeting existing Telstra consumer customers with an iPhone, iPad or an Android device.
- Promote the App using direct communication channels leveraging our monthly newsletter and bills messaging.
- Build a trigger, so if a Post-Paid customer hadn’t downloaded the App in the first 100 days, they would receive a SMS encouraging them to do so.
- Roll out the ATL activity which included press, TVC, outdoor and cinema.
- Engage our Social Media channels.
- Drive awareness across third party sites with targeted banners.
- Update internal training material and promote the App internally in Retail and Call Centres.
- Drive awareness through SEM/SEO.
- Deploy a competition incentive to drive downloads and usage.
- Retail staff offer to download the app as part of the 'walk out working' program.

This category recognises campaigns that use a combination of platforms to engage customers, such as print, online, mobile applications and messaging for an integrated experience.
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