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City of Perth Video Jukebox App [DRAFT]





Project Overview

The Video Jukebox app gives you control over the City of Perth's Northbridge Piazza LED big screen during scheduled times. Similar to a traditional music jukebox, you are able to pick from a list of music videos, documentaries and short films, and add them to the playlist for live playback to the screen. Kick back on the lawn, choose your favourite video and watch it switch live before your eyes.

Project Commissioner

City of Perth

Project Creator



Ryan Malone – Principle
Tienie Jordaan – Lead Developer
Christian Manuel – Graphic Designer/User Experience

BlondGorilla is a new breed of digital agency. We’ve tossed out the conventional, safe, generic buzzwords, sales executive attitude and agenda to bring our bleeding-edge technologies to like-minded companies worldwide.

Project Brief

The Video Jukebox app was commissioned by the City of Perth to foster a community aspect and promote local and international culture and the arts in the City of Perth, by bringing members of the public together around the big outdoor LED screen at Perth’s Northbridge Piazza.

The Northbridge Piazza is framed by a community building, versatile stage and the LED big screen. The space has been designed to encourage community use, showcasing local, national and international performances, exhibitions, festivals, sporting events and other cultural activities. Perth’s first permanent LED screen is a major attraction, operating 24 hours a day and showcasing a variety of features such as films, creative presentations, and sports and music events.

The Video Jukebox app helps the City of Perth meet its objectives of promoting the local cultural scene and community engagement in a creative, interactive and innovative way.

Project Need

The Video Jukebox app is innovative in taking the vintage concept of the jukebox and bringing it into the digital age, engaging the audience in using this fun, interactive new mobile technology.

The use of the app helps bring the community into the City of Perth, and allows people to enjoy it in a new way, while at the same time providing education and exposure to international events, promoting culture and helping the local talent.

The app was also utilised for TEDGlobal screenings. TED and the City of Perth, with the support of TEDxPerth, invited the public down to the big screen for a specially curated program of TED talks screened each day during a week in June 2013. Audience members were able to choose which talks hit the screen by using the City of Perth Video Jukebox app.

TED is a non-profit organisation devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading”, which started in in 1984. The TED conferences bring together the world’s leading thinkers and doers to give “the talk of their lives” http://www.tedxperth.com/.

User Experience

The user (John) heads down to the LED screen at Perth’s Northbridge Piazza at a scheduled Jukebox event time. John downloads the City of Perth Video Jukebox app and logs in with his email address. With the clean and easy-to-use interface, John can then select from a list of videos what he wants to watch, adds his selection to the queue and takes a seat on one of the outdoor bean bags. John can then keep tabs on the queue and watch as his video progresses up the queue.

The app directly engages the user by allowing them to take control of the big screen, and ultimately their own experience.

While, for the City of Perth, the app requires minimal maintenance, the uses for it are endless, from showcasing local artists, performers and innovators through to educational talks and videos. The Video Jukebox app truly has the potential to cause the extinction of the dusty old Jukebox!

Project Marketing

The City of Perth Video Jukebox app was marketed through both the City of Perth’s social media platforms as well as BlondGorilla’s social media pages. We featured the app in our monthly newsletter. The City of Perth use and promote the app for various events held at the Northbridge Piazza. The app was also a feature at TEDGlobal screenings.


This category relates to applications themed around performances and the arts.
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