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Beanhunter, Find and share great coffee [DRAFT]






Project Overview

Beanhunter make it easy to find and share great coffee. Each month over 100,000 people use Beanhunter and this strong community rates the cafes, upload photos and help each other find coffee worth travelling for.




James Crawford - Managing Director/Co-Founder
Adam Lowe - Co-Founder
Peter Hare - Software Engineer
Jesse Collis - iOS Developer
Anthony Mittaz -iOS developer.

Project Brief

Beanhunter makes it easy to find and share your coffee experiences. It is a door into a city’s coffee culture. You get in and get to share.

Whether you're a tourist in a new city or a local in your own town, Beanhunter will connect you with the cities coffee gems and what others are recommending.

Our three key goals are to:
1. Help people find and share great coffee experiences;
2. Increase discoverability for independent cafes; and
3. Support the specialty coffee industry.

Many of a cities best cafes are tucked away down little streets around the globe & are hard to find. Now the coffee loving community has a place to share their favourite cafes and coffee experiences with the rest of the world.

Here at Beanhunter we realise that this mission of finding the best coffee spots all over the world is not possible without the efforts the Beanhunter community who submit cafes, write reviews, add photos on the beautiful drink that is coffee! Our users find much joy searching through the many fantastic coffee spots all over the globe.

Project Need

The Beanhunter app is innovative as it was the first crowd sourced app in the world that focused on people finding and sharing great coffee.

The days of relying on internet forums or print media to find the best coffee in a city as gone thanks to Beanhunter. Now users have an app that helps them find great coffee anywhere in the world with content that is updated in real time.

Innovative features of the Beanhunter app include:
- Find cafes 'near me'
- Search a suburb or city
- Filter results by score, distance, review count
- Share your coffee experience by writing a review, upload photos
- Connect with other coffee enthusiasts and see what they are discovering

As proof of our apps the Beanhunter iPhone app has been featured in Mashable, Channel 7 News, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and more.

Winner of 2012 Lifehacker Awards, Editor’s Pick for ‘Best Mobile App’
#2 Anthill's SMART 100: Editors Choice (2013)
#11 Anthill's SMART 100: Readers' Choice Revealed (2011)
The Age - A slick-looking site that seems to have selected Melbourne's best coffee hot spots. 8/10

User Experience

Our team places a strong focus on user experiences. We want to ensure that Beanhunter is easy for users to find and share great coffee, engage with the coffee community and use all the features in the app.

When developing the Beanhunter app, our team went through countless wireframes and presented them to users to gain insights for how they might see the app working. This feedback was vital in helping our team start the next part of design phase.

While developing the app our team worked with a group of beta testers that assisted our team. These beta testers used the app on a daily basis and provided important feedback and suggested new features.

Our team is dedicated to making an app that gives a great user experience and we never see this app as being finished. As our users are core to the success of Beanhunter, we regularly seek feedback from them so our team can improve the app and build new features that they want.

Project Marketing

The Beanhunter team loves to engage with our users and build strong relationships with them. Our users love our product which means that word of mouth has been very powerful for us. Users are also able to share their Beanhunter activity to various social networks including their Facebook and Twitter profiles.

We have partnered with some of the biggest coffee events in Australia including The Melbourne International Coffee Expo and The Aroma Coffee Festival which is put on by the NSW Government.

We’ve maximise our social media platforms and continue to provide quality content and engage with our users. The platforms that we use include the Beanhunter Facebook page, Beanhunter Twitter account, Beanhunter Instagram account, our blog and our email database.

Beanhunter is going through an exciting period and we love helping people find and share great coffee.

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