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Sky - OneCentralPark [DRAFT]




Project Overview

The Sky-OneCentralPark app introduces you to the iconic Sky residential tower that will rise above Central Park in Sydney, Australia. You can "Take to the Sky' and interact with 360° panoramas of selected apartments, experience the horizon to horizon view of Sydney that the apartments will enjoy, explore different floor plans and interior fittings. The "Sky is the Limit" is your introduction to the tower with videos and interviews with Jean Nouvel, the architect behind this iconic building, discussing his work.

Project Commissioner

Fraser Propertiesand Sekisui House

Project Creator

Frost* Design


Project Commissioner
This project was commissioned by Frasers and Sekisui House
Marketing Director Lisa McCutchion

Project Creator
Frost* Design, Sydney
Project Team
Creative Director Vince Frost
Design Director Carlo Giannasca
Designer Adit Wardhana
Client Service Director Anna Fisher
Project manager Charlotte Brady
Video Directed by Frost Design and rendered and edited by Jonathan Chambers, The-Chambers
Renders Jonathan Chambers
Copy by Sinead Roarty
App development Tony Redhead, Red Square
Publishing platform Oomph

Project Brief

Provide a state of the art tool to empower Sales Staff and provide ongoing sales support through downloads.

Specifically, we were briefed to create an App that Sales Staff in the onsite display pavilion will use as the main tool for introducing the product and progressing the sale. We had to make it accessible to Sales Staff who are offshore in an exhibition event context and readily available and useful for potential prospects and referrals to download and use the App as a research tool.

The App had to provide information in an holistic manner where the user can find information in context to the building itself and drill down to a specific apartment's details or access broader information on a single aspect of the building via direct navigation.

In order to achieve the brief a number of unique iPad based functions have been brought together into a single unified app. This was accomplished using by using advanced functionality available on the Oomph publishing platform and additional Javascript coding and HTML5 integrated into the App

Project Need

The "Sky-OneCentralPark" App is one of the first Real Estate apps specifically designed to help Sales Staff present a concept building to potential customers in a showroom environment.

The App provides a holistic view of the building as well as direct access to floorplans, 360° panoramic views of the apartments and the city view, apartment finishes and specifications.

The holistic view starts on the "Take to the Sky" section. Featured on the page is link "360° SPIN" that, when selected, takes the user to an interactive view of the upper floors of the building. The user can then swipe across the page to spin the building through 13 angles highlighted with buttons indicating apartments. When the user taps on an apartment a popup provides basic information such as Apartment number, Size, number of Bedrooms, number or Car Spaces and the Finishes used. At this point the user can continue to explore the building or tap on the popup to see more information about that particular apartment.

A unique feature is a panoramic view showing the actual view from each apartment. A UAV helicopter with camera attached was flown to the height of the apartments and a series of images taken that were stitched together to create a full 360° view of Sydney. Each apartment uses a restricted section of the view to show exactly what the owner of the apartment can expect to see of city and beyond, from their balconies.

User Experience

The App is designed to provide an easy to navigate environment through which salespeople can reveal different aspects of the One Central Park building to potential purchasers or for user who download the app to explore at will.

The opening screen of a darkening sunset sky provides the emotive start to a journey through a unique building concept while an animated "call to action" provides the initiative to swipe to view the content.

The main screen provides 3 simple choices, Take to the Sky, Sky is the Limit, or Central Park. Option 1 is all about the details, and offers Floor Plans, Finishes and 360° tours. Option 2 goes into the background behind the design, the designer and a video of the project. The third option is a link to the Central Park Website.

The user can, via Take to the Sky, see a 360 view of the building, select an apartment and then see all of the features available in that apartment. At any stage an email can be generated with content from that current page or a posting made to facebook.

Alternatively the user can access information from categories such as floor plans for Two Bedroom apartments, review the different finishes or explore the apartments or city views via 360° panoramas.

In Sky is the Limit, a video provides a unique overview of the building and there are a number of articles about the building including comments by the architect.

Project Marketing

The primary use of the App is by direct representation between the sales team and prospective buyers. Customer engagement comes from the relationship formed by the sales team using the app to engage the customer. The customer is then encouraged to download the app and continue their journey with Sky via the information contained within the app and by sharing content through Email or Facebook.

This category relates to applications that are design to aid a sales force become more productive.
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