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Surf Lifesaving Australia - Water Safety Policy [DRAFT]




Project Overview

The Water Safety Policy application allows the 165,000 Surf lifesaving volunteers the ability to Perform a risk assessment on their iPhone or Android device for all surf lifesaving activities.

Members must provide details of Surf conditions, Weather, Skill level and hazards,
to produce a Risk assessment form which will be emailed to a Supervisor for review.

Project Commissioner

Surf Lifesaving Australia

Project Creator

Alive Mobile


Kim Grantham - Creative Director
Julian Robertshaw - Chief Technology Officer
Sha-mayne Chan - Head of Mobile Business Design
Jeroen Verbeek - lead Application Designer

Project Brief

Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) has been performing safety risk assessments prior to conducting water activities for its members and the community for over a 100 years now.

In later years, these assessments have involved complex paper based forms which resulted in a wide variation in the quality of assessments being made. With a huge emphasis on water safety with in the organization, and the water safety policy consistently being modified and refined, It was important that members were kept up to date with any changes to policy and procedures that may affect the assesment.

Surf Lifesaving Australia's members need to perform a risk assessment and adhere to its policy for the following activities:

Junior Prelim Eval
All Nipper activities
Member training
Surf Sport Competition
Lifesaving activities
Still water activities

With advances in smartphone and tablet technology SLSA saw an opportunity to create a Smartphone application that would allow policy and procedure changes to be distributed to its members quickly and be implemented immediately, guarantying that all clubs adhere to the current water safety policy from SLSA . The Water Safety policy Application allows members to Assess the risk of the following conditions while conducting activities:

Dangerous Surf Conditions
Member Skill Level

Project Need

The Application has revolutionised the way in which Surf Life Saving Australia's members / Assessors perform risk assessments on club activities.

The experiment was carried out to provide SLSA with a cost effective solution in performing a risk assessment of the conditions for all member activity. The application has allowed lifesavers to more accurately assess at their beaches when conducting Member activities. It also has increased the number of assessments being carried out, and improved record keeping, which is extremely important when conducting an investigation into an incident.

The result.
The Water Safety Policy application has been designed to allow more risk assessments to be completed with greater detail, accuracy and efficiency, and ensure the current water safety policies within SLSA are adhered to. The water safety Policy application is available on iPhone, IPad and Android devices, covering the majority of member devices with the organisation.

User Experience

Surf Life Saving Australia's water safety Policy application has allowed its members to perform more risk assessments with greater detail, accuracy and efficiency. The Application has significantly reduced the amount of paperwork required to be completed by members, and simplifying the process of gaining approval and record keeping within the organisation.

In the past these assessments were carried out prior to activities only. But since releasing the application Surf lifesaving Australia has discovered that assessments are now being carried before and during activities as conditions change.

Project Marketing

As this is a internal app for the SLSA, there was limited external marketing involved. A press release was generated internally to various Surf Life Saving Clubs and councils about the technology advances and the value of the application.

This category recognises applications developed for Not-For-Profit organisations and charities.
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