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Project Overview

Key purpose of the app
Increase safety in waterways through encouraging the recreational boater to be a smarter and safer boater by:
• educating them about boating safety
• creating responsibility

Core Functionality

• Trip planning / preparation — check gear, check weather, check lists
• If you’re the skipper, you’re responsible

Project Commissioner

Marine and Safety Tasmania & Surf Life Saving Tasamania

Project Creator

Alive Mobile Group PTY LTD


Kim Grantham - Creative Director
Julian Robertshawe - Technical Director
Jeroen Verbeek - Lead Application Designer
Amritah Pathak - Lead Experience Designer
James Santili - Experience Designer

Project Brief

A rise in the number of drownings has prompted SLST and MaST to refocus on promoting a culture of safety amongst boat owners, and in particular to educate the new generation of young boaters coming through.

Currently, the majority of incidents are preventable and mainly due to a lack of planning (eg not making basic checks prior to leaving such as checking fuel and equipment such as anchors). Due to this, emergency rescue services are spending more time on rescuing crafts in near miss incidents which could have been avoided.

MaST also believe that skippers need to know that they are the decisionmakers and are responsible for the safety of their passengers. They need to refresh their safety knowledge so they can be cool, calm and levelheaded in an incident.

MaST have Mast TV (http://www.masttv.com.au) where people can refresh their safety knowledge but the issue is getting people to the site. As a new boater, how do you tap into this information? There are many people with non-boating backgrounds (eg kayakers) who don’t have a knowledge of water/weather/boating.

The challenge:

• Getting people to think about what they are doing
• Making the skipper responsible
• Getting people to go through trip preparation

Project Need

MaST is a statutory authority that was established on 30 July 1997 to manage functions relating to the safe operation of all
recreational boats and commercial vessels up to 500 tonnes, or 35 metres in length, in Tasmania.

Two of the primary roles of the Authority are to ensure the safe operation of vessels in all Tasmanian waters and to manage its marine facilities including the registration of vessels, licensing of motor boat operators and the management of moorings (jetties, boat ramps and navigation aids)

The third role — which is to manage environmental issues relating to the operation of vessels — is specifically aimed at ensuring
commercial vessels comply with the Pollution of Waters by Oil and Noxious Substances Act 1987.

Our focus with MaST was on recreational boating and safety. By harnessing the power of mobile technology, we have been able to facilitate responsible and safe trip auditing and trip planning

User Experience

The app is for the recreational boater – it’s about enjoyment.

Primary audience:
Male boaters
• 57% of boat owners are over 50 years of age
• 57 year old male, 5.2m tinnie, 75-85hp
• They boat 17.9 times per year for 4 hours with 3 people
• They might be a hard to reach audience with something new

Secondary audience:
Their partners
• Partners are pushing for the men to be safer, especially if there are children involved
• Young boaters (sons/daughters, grandchildren)
• Young boaters can get a boating license from 12 years of age for free. They pay the full fee when they reach 18 years.

How will it be used
• As a trip planner (generally the night before and just before leaving for their trip)
• To get weather and tidal information
• For service reminders/notifications
• To gain better boating knowledge

Project Marketing

Boatwise was released the week before Easter

Promotion of app via:
• Boatwise
• To all boat and licence registrations
• Boat dealers
• Yachting Associations

This category recognises applications developed for all levels of government services.
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