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City of Perth Parking Mobile App [DRAFT]





Project Overview

The app is the first of its kind in Australia to provide drivers with a 'real-time bay availability' feature; showing exactly how many spaces are available in CPP car parks in real time. Another stand-out feature is its ability to link with a device's GPS to navigate customers directly to the car park of their choice. The app not only saves time and effort but also reduces congestion and carbon emissions caused by drivers searching for spaces.


City of Perth Parking


City of Perth Parking Mobile app was done in cooperation with InHouse Group. The details of the app and innovation are detailed throughout our award submission.

Project Brief

The app provides customers with a unique ‘real-time bay availability’ feature, the first of its kind in Australia. This new feature helps visitors/commuters plan for their parking more efficiently allowing them to view how many bays are available, in real time, across 11 of CPP’s car parks. When clicking onto a car park name, tabs with photos, rates and opening hours also appear. Consumers can pre-plan their parking location more efficiently, and can actively make a choice about where to park in the City.

Another innovative feature is the app's ability to link with a device's GPS to navigate customers directly to the car park of their choice. The app uses GPS technology to plan a route and find a car park closest to the customer’s city destination, also
allowing users to pinpoint their current location and then displays nearest car parks with directions using online maps. Also utilising GPS functionality, the 'Locate your Car' feature allows patrons to enter their location within a CPP car park on their smart phone once parked. On returning to their car, they can select the ‘find my car’ button on the CPP app and it will give them directions back to their car, even telling them what floor they parked on.

Project Need

The CPP mobile app is a unique and cutting edge application for mobile devices, designed in line with the CPP vision:

"To be the number one choice for parking within the City of Perth by encouraging innovation and balancing our commercial obligations with our community service and environmental responsibilities."

CPP's aim was to produce a pioneering parking product that utilised state of the art technology, was easy to use, had a positive impact on the environment, was more than just an information source and placed customers in the 'driving seat' of their parking experience. The outcome was a product that stood out from all others and exceeded the needs of the market. Perth Lord Mayor, Lisa Scaffidi summed up the achievement:

"It enables people to park faster and smarter by allowing them to view which car parks are nearby to their destination and how many bays are available in real-time, helping you spend less time in your car while also reducing traffic congestion.”

User Experience

With continued positive feedback from users, the CPP parking application is a proud achievement for City of Perth Parking. The CPP parking app is the most downloaded navigation app of its kind in Australia. Download figures show that since its launch, there have been 16,545 iPhone and 3,006 Android downloads.

Feedback on the Lord Mayor of Perth's Facebook page shows how successful the product is considered by our most important assets; our customers. Users of the app wrote:

"I've used the app and it's brilliant. Especially when you make those last minute decisions to head into Northbridge and you don't want to spend ages doing laps trying to find a parking bay."

"We use it every time we have a meeting in the city"

Reviews on the Apple app store show an average rating of 4+ out of 5, demonstrating a high level of customer satisfaction:

We appreciate customer feedback and actively seek suggestions on ways to improve the app so that we can incorporate these into our future design ambitions.

Project Marketing

The app has received great feedback from a range of different stakeholders, particularly organisations who hold events in the City.

City of Perth Parking work cooperatively with a range of event organisers and venues in the City to promote both events and CPP car parks. The CPP mobile app has the potential to positively impact upon a range of different events by making the parking experience for customers travelling to and from venues efficient and stress-free. The app advertises events in the city and provides information, including details of car parks nearby the venue. Customers can plan their journeys in advance and make use of both the GPS navigation and real time bay availability features of the app to make their journey a smooth one.

An example of this is the working relationship between CPP and Artrage. CPP work closely with Artrage, who use our Roe St car park to host a daily rooftop movie event during summer months. The mobile app advertises the event and provides directions to the venue, encouraging Artrage customers to attend the event. Artrage have praised the mobile app and the benefits it brings to their business.


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