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Hungry Jack's Shake & Win App [DRAFT]





Project Overview

Fast food retailer, Hungry Jack's, is a David in a category of Goliaths.

Outspent and outnumbered, we needed to find a new way to encourage people past the competition and into Hungry Jack’s.
We did this with the Hungry Jack’s Shake & Win App. An industry first and entirely new revenue driver, it is a new world solution to an age-old problem.

Even as you read this submission, it is continuing to drive customers in store, with someone using it every 5.8 seconds across the country.

Project Commissioner

Hungry Jack's

Project Creator

Clemenger BBDO Sydney


Clemenger BBDO Sydney
Dave Flangan - Head of Digital
Claire Bisset - Digital Producer
Paul Fitzgerald - Designer
Graham Alvarez - Senior Strategy Planner
Justin Cox - Group Business Director
George Downing - Account Executive

Client Hungry Jack's
Joe O'Keefe - Brand Manager

Development - Webling Interactive

Project Brief

Locally owned and run, Hungry Jack’s has been proudly serving its flame-grilled burgers for over 42 years, growing to 347 locations across the country. Problem is, for all its size and strength, it still sits in the shadows cast by global heavyweights – McDonald’s, Subway, and KFC.

For one, Hungry Jack’s has long been outspent by its bigger counterparts, with the likes of McDonald’s spending in excess of 3 times its budget (Source: Maxus Media, 2013).

Further, it’s grossly outnumbered. Its 347 locations pale in comparison to KFC’s network of 600 outlets, McDonald’s 880+, and Subway’s 1200+ (Source: Hungry Jack’s, 2013). Put another way, hungry punters would have to bypass up to 2 KFC, 3 McDonald’s, and 4 Subway restaurants in order to even get to a Hungry Jack’s.

So, the question we were facing was: How do you get people to visit Hungry Jack’s when they have to travel past KFC, McDonald’s, and Subway to get there?

Outspent and outnumbered, we’d need to outsmart the competition. The answer was the Hungry Jack’s Shake & Win App: a constant reminder that incentivises and rewards people to visit Hungry Jack’s and not the competition.

Project Need

Historically, Hungry Jack’s digital activity went as far as static MRECs and leaderboards.

In the Shake & Win App, the business suddenly had an industry first on its hands.

Beyond just points for bravery, there are other key learnings we can identify:

1. New age solutions can solve age-old problems brilliantly. In attempting to resolve problems the business had long faced (being outspent and outnumbered), we looked to emerging technologies and developed a highly unconventional, highly disruptive business solution. The App utilises GPS functionality, location services, map integration, dynamic feeds, and social media integration, all to deliver the user with a fun and rewarding Hungry Jack’s experience.

2. Digital solutions are dynamic, not static. We avoided just a ‘set-and-forget’ mentality with the App, and are constantly tweaking the prize pool that sits underneath it to ensure that it is becoming increasingly profitable over time.

3. Social can be highly commercial. Often Facebook and the like are questioned for their commercial value they can provide. We baked social directly into the App, with every user being able to post their movements and successes to their friends and followers on social media. To date, the App has supplied the brand with millions of impressions on Facebook, giving Hungry Jack’s increased exposure, and helping costs of promoting Shake & Win down.

User Experience

With their smartphone in tow, the customer first visits Hungry Jack’s. If they’re not sure where one is, they can use the map function.
Once there, the user opens up Shake & Win (which is available through both the Apple App Store and Google Play), and checks into that store. Whilst they’re at it, they can let their mates know their whereabouts by posting their movements to Facebook and Twitter.

Now, it’s time to get shaking. Making use of the phone’s accelerometer, the user shakes their phone from side to side to reveal a coupon for one of over a million prizes up for grabs.

The user is then able to reap their delicious rewards and share their triumph via Twitter and Facebook.

A nutritional calculator is also built into the App to ensure they user has all the information they need to make an informed decision.
An inherently simple, fun, and social experience, Shake & Win got right to the heart of how people shopped the category and, in doing so, gave Hungry Jack’s a crucial strategic advantage.

For many now, once hunger sets in, it’s their phone – and Shake & Win – that they reach for.

Project Marketing

Shake & Win has become a key strategic play for Hungry Jack’s. There are three factors we believe it’s been so widely adopted by the public:

1. Shake & Win makes Hungry Jack’s a more attractive choice. As we couldn’t quickly build new stores in order to compete with the competition, we did the next best thing: we put a constant reminder in people’s pockets that they should go out of their way to visit Hungry Jack’s and not the competition.

2. Shake & Win makes Hungry Jack’s an easier choice: Particularly on the eastern seaboard, Hungry Jack’s suffers from its comparatively small footprint. Consequently, even knowing where one is can be a problem. Through GPS mapping, we could help people find their way to a Hungry Jack’s store.

3. Shake & Win makes Hungry Jack’s a habit: Shake & Win is inherently habitual, which is crucial in a category built on convenience and custom. The ‘shake’ is interactive and engaging. The ‘win’, permanently just a shake away, made the prospect of visiting Hungry Jack’s exciting and rewarding. In concert, the two elements made a trip Hungry Jack’s a desirable one, time after time after time.

This category recognises the best use of mobile incorporated in a wider marketing campaign.
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