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Text2Pay [DRAFT]






Project Overview

Backed by mBill, a leading mobile billing company with over 10 years’ experience in Premium SMS and Mobile Payments, the team at Text2Pay developed an all-inclusive mobile billing solution that operates globally across all platforms and accommodates all mobile payment needs.

Text2Pay’s mobile billing solutions enable merchants to seamlessly integrate comprehensive Premium SMS, Direct Carrier Billing and In-App payment options into their websites and applications allowing customers to easily and securely make donations; buy virtual goods and credits; use Bitcoins as a payment option or purchase premium application features using their mobile phone.


Text2Pay Inc.


Mark Reiken - CEO
Adam Weinstein - SVP, Global Business Development
Michael Reiken - Global Marketing & Acquisitions
Scott Martens - Senior Software Engineer
Bruno Braga - Software Engineer
Juan Cordoba - Creative
Alex Cole - Account Executive
Linda Nicholson - Finance

Project Brief

In a society saturated with technology, paying for virtual goods and services on your mobile phone is not only practical, but secure and easy. Text2Pay provides merchants with the ability for increased user conversions and revenue streams. It allows consumers the freedom to have options – giving them more choice for payment creates brand retention and product satisfaction.

One of Text2Pay's merchants, a free SMS and Call app, has found great success integrating the Text2Pay widget into their web, mobile-web and app billing platforms. By accepting mobile payments for subscriptions, call credits and in-app features like emoticons and stickers, they have added an extra revenue stream for their business while also increasing consumer conversion rates and market reach potential.

This is but one example of an effective Text2Pay merchant service. Not having a credit card should not have to hinder a consumer's ability to use a particular product or service. That's why mobile billing through Text2Pay is an innovative, practical and easy method of paying for a virtual good or service.

Project Need

As worldwide smartphone usage accelerates, so does the momentum at Text2Pay to revolutionise mobile payments. Utilising a global technology to pay for goods and services makes sense and is becoming increasingly popular for online merchants to integrate mobile payments into their billing space.
Having recognised the need for a comprehensive mobile billing solution across various platforms, Text2Pay is rapidly becoming a highly sought after payment solution. With close to 3,000 merchants, Text2Pay provides mobile billing to a wide-range of online businesses. Text2Pay's merchants range from online games, dating websites and online classifieds – all whom have tailored requirements. With no credit cards or signup forms necessary, consumers are offered fast, secure mobile payment options that are perfect for low-value, once-off or subscription purchases either in-app or on the web.

Text2Pay also accepts Bitcoins – the new social currency, therefore providing even more options for users to pay for their goods and services. With 95-100% coverage in over 85 countries, the ability to process transactions in 43 currencies and localisation support for 30 languages, there is no need for any additional developer work. Text2Pay also offers a White Label solution allowing merchants to customise the Text2Pay payment widget. This allows for increased brand continuity and retention.

Overall, Text2Pay has developed a multilingual and multi-currency payment experience for end users. Combined with a comprehensive online analytics and reporting system for Merchants, Text2Pay is a global leader in mobile payments.

User Experience

Text2Pay customers quickly, safely and easily pay for purchases using their mobile phone, with the purchase amount being added to their mobile phone bill. Text2Pay does not require credit cards details, user login or third-party registrations.

How it works for a Merchant

1. The Merchant signs up for a free Text2Pay account;
2. They then choose what type of campaign they desire (Virtual Goods, Donations, Virtual Currency);
3. They then fill in the campaign details;
4. They then embed the Text2Pay "Pay By Mobile" button into their website with simple API and/or Java Library; and
5. Mobile Payments are then made immediately available to users and merchants can then start accepting payments!

How it works for Users

1. The user browses through a product or service then selects their purchase by clicking on the "Pay By Mobile" button;
2. They input their mobile phone number;
3. They are sent a PIN which they then input into the field; and
4. Their virtual good/service is activated and the user is billed on their phone bill.

It's a seamless, easy and secure way to purchase goods and services online. Text2Pay easily engages the user due to its simplicity and speediness.

Project Marketing

Text2Pay is a mobile payment platform that provides the customer a frictionless way to pay for goods and services using their mobile phone.

We market Text2Pay through various mediums. We have gained great exposure through Google AdWords, banner ads and SEO, where a vast majority of merchant sign ups derive from.

We've also found great marketing success by promoting Text2Pay at conferences and trade shows. By sponsoring an event or having a display, it creates a sense of brand identity and publicity to push our brand in front of the pack. Naturally, face to face contact will always be the best marketing tool a company can use. By being on the ground, we can talk with our clients and really cater for their needs.

While we also use PR, online SEO and in-app advertising to great extents, we found great exposure with newsletter sponsorship. It provides worldwide coverage while being intertwined in the mobile payments stratosphere.

The category relates to applications developed to facilitate the transfer of funds over the mobile platform.
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