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Lasoo.com.au [DRAFT]




Project Overview

Lasoo has launched a revamped version of its app which enables users to scan, shop, share and compare deals across multiple retailers. The app includes a new feature called ‘Lasoo.it’, a barcode scanner for users to crowdsource the best price, location and availability of anything with a barcode and share the information with other shoppers.


Lasoo Pty Ltd


Damien Donnelly - Product Manager
Christie Kiely - Creative Director
William Law - Developer
Shannon Jiang- Developer
Pravin Mahajan - Development Manager
Alison Lee - Marketing Manager

Project Brief

Lasoo only had advertised catalogue and online deals from limited retailers. We wanted to create a way for users to share deals from any retailer, not limited to those the retailers choose to publish.
Often feedback in our mobile App stated that user would like to see more deals, especially from grocery stores. This information, especially barcode and image data is not easily available, so we decided we would build a platform to empower Australian shoppers to get this information themselves.

Project Need

Lasoo wanted to further enhance its proposition of 'making shopping easier'by not only aggregating catalogue and online shopping information provided by retailers, but to also include deals that may not be advertised.
Lasoo.it has been created to give shoppers a platform where they Scan, Shop, Share and Compare any deal with a barcode from anywhere.
We are empowering shoppers to discover deals they otherwise would have only had access to by going from store to store.
The deals on Lasoo.it are socially shareable on their existing networks such as Facebook, and Twitter.
The 'Popular' page in the deal feed encourages collaboration amongst users and helps give prominence to deals that are especially useful by the community.

User Experience

Before launch, the new Lasoo app, including the new design and the Lasoo.it functionality was trialed by over 100 people during the course of a year using Testflight. Feedback was given and product iterations were made to ensure the app was going in the right direction.
It was imperative to consult our users for this as the entire project's success is based on crowd sourced deals which are only useful if it is supported by the Lasoo community.

Project Marketing

The Lasoo App had already been well received, winning the Mobile Award for Shopping and Retail in 2012.The Android, iPhone and Windows app has been downloaded over 500,000 times.
Since the launch of Lasoo.it, the Lasoo App has received extensive PR through publications such as cNet, Lifehacker and featured in 'Great Free Apps' in the App store.
Facebook ads were also commissioned to increase awareness and downloads.

This category relates to applications that have been developed to promote retail shopping.
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