Key Dates

29 April - Launch Deadline
29 July - Standard Deadline
30 September - Late Deadline
11 November - Judging
18 November - Winners Announced
14 December - Awards Presentation

Image Credit : GOA & Chongqing Zhongjiao Southwest Property

Project Overview

Have a dialogue with nature and construct an ideal poetic life. The project is located in the Central Park area of Yubei District. Chongqing Central Park is the largest open urban park in Asia, including a central square, waterscape, grass slopes, mirror lakes, forests and streams. The residential area above the park is partly natural and partly carefully crafted.

We hope to respect nature, understand the site, and make them have an emotional connection: the central park and the interior garden blend and penetrate each other, the commercial area, office, and residential buildings are scattered. Finally the community is composed of 6 high-rise towers and some two-story commercial podiums, enclosed layout. And half of the area is reserved for landscape.

Project Commissioner

Chongqing Zhongjiao Southwest Property Co Ltd

Project Creator

Group of Architects Co., Ltd (GOA)

Project Brief

The main landscape resource of land parcel. is the central park on the west side. And the main urban road on the south side, the city branch road on the east and north sides. Through a fully study of the site conditions, a layout facing the park and continuing the architectural texture was formed, maximizing the use of high-quality landscape resources. Use the spacing between high-rise buildings to form a good retractable relationship with the city interface. Attach importance to the design of the city skyline along the Central Park, and make use of the changes in building height and the retraction of space to create a visual experience of heights and lows. At the same time, the interface along the east road of the central park is opened to form a return home lobby, introducing the park landscape into the park.

Project Innovation/Need

The architectural style is simple and classical, and the stone material is Brazilian Santa Cecilia stone, ensuring the stability and quality of the facade, while emphasizing the vertical texture, which is in harmony with the overall architectural style of the Central Park land parcel.

Since the most valuable landscape orientation of the local block is the Central Park on the west side, the most valuable spatial orientation of the residential unit is to the west.

All units in the entire residential area are designed with a 2.1-meter-deep ultra-large wide-view balcony. Among them, the two floor-through apartments next to the Central Park are designed with independent elevator halls to increase the privacy.

At the interface facing the park, a large wide hall and a 270° corner balcony are used. and the restaurant uses a super wide bay window on one side to provide a panoramic view of the park landscape. The extreme window-to-wall ratio is used on the facade to maximize the introduction of landscape resources.

The room facing the park adopts Schüco's narrow frame system doors and windows, which have better airtightness and smoothness.

Design Challenge

How to provide users in different types units with the same beautiful natural experience while maintaining privacy?

The high-rise building towers are composed of two floor-through apartment, two high-rises apartment, and two high-rise offices from west to east. The floor-through apartment enjoy the best landscape resources; at the same time, through the spacing between the building towers, a 30-meter-wide line of sight corridor is formed from east to west provide second-line park landscapes for residents of high-rise residential and office buildings to achieve uniformity.

People reach the inside of the community through the elevator hall of the return home lobby, and pass through the rain corridor to the overhead floor entrance hall of each residential unit. The overhead floor space of each building has different themes and functions. Among them, the overhead floor of Building 2# is equipped with a club house & city meeting room, which can be separated from the outside by a full-height folding glass door.


West-facing bedroom windows are made of double silver glass to improve energy saving and sun protection, while reducing light pollution.

This award celebrates the design process and product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations. Consideration given for material selection, technology, light and shadow.
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