Key Dates

12 February - Launch Event
25 June - Standard Deadline
5 November - Final Deadline
12 November - Judging
19 November - Winners Announced
1 December - Awards Presentation

Image Credit : Yiwen Xu


Project Overview

Pure Green Lucky Hotpot is a gorgeous and novel Chongqing hotpot brand, which fully expresses its brand-new self with some license love. It is the future world of exclusive fashion toy IP image Mobee. Because the best way to predict the future is to create a future scene. Therefore, the store uses creative theme narrative design to realize the new possibility of interaction between people, space and brand, with the purpose of creating a new landmark of immersive experience.

Project Commissioner

Pure Green Lucky Hotpot

Project Creator

MET Creative Brand


Qing Dong, Yanhong Li, Ting Pan

Project Brief

First of all, the photo spot at the front door is the Mobee fashion street shooting area, and also has the function of queuing for seats. The large character newspaper printed with "made in Chongqing" and glassware device show the modern aesthetic sense of the unique device of hotpot lab. The moment the screen scrolls, it opens the door of Mobee and opens the scene of fashion store. In the main entrance area, the LED electronic screen is used to emphasize the frame, creating a dynamic visual hammer device. The minimalist silver aluminum plate bar and acrylic luminous logo are interspersed with cold and warm to achieve a visual interactive experience.
Pure Green Lucky Laboratory is a space where we can exchange ideas and explore the infinite possibility. The scene deduction based on the feeling of future and mystery deepens the concept of infinite possibility. The stainless steel mirror on the top further enlarges the visual feeling and experience of the space, making people lost in the real speed and space-time.
Lucky Station is an area that can connect the space theme as a whole, and is also an area showing the image of the future platform. In the way of planting station name into the scene, the space "Main Block", "Oriented Sniper Station", "Space-time Light Rail Station" and "Fashion Brand Buyer's Shop" are connected in series, and the theme concept of "Future Mobee World Space-time Tour" is echoed.

Project Need

Mobee's lucky block is also home to a group of fashionable young people who love life and keep curious, releasing their restless fun. The three dynamic display screens show the unique trend auxiliary graphics of the brand, which are full of eye-catching feeling. With the help of various media, it creates an interactive place in the era of national social interaction. The light-emitting words are the street names of lucky block, each has its unique meaning in Chongqing hot pot world of cyberpunk.
In order to express the new Chongqing hotpot, in this design, the design team hopes to make a more imaginative and creative sense of the scene, which is different from the more pure restoration scene creation methods in the current consumer market. The constantly rotating "clock watch" is the visual focus of space, and its originality comes from the concept of clock scale. The emanated light brings a mysterious sense of science and technology to the space, forming a device with the theme of future space-time travel. With the interactive electronic screen that can be seen through the perspective, it can create the first bright spot for the space and become a household experience with a sense of ceremony.

Design Challenge

Hotpot enthusiasts all think that hotpot is always red, but Pure Green wants to make the unique green. The light rail train of For The Young presents a moving train movement. The light and the changeable display of the rolling screen reflected by the glass strengthen the sense of speed and technology, and also constitute the tension of people walking in space.


The main material in the space is aluminum plate, and the UV process of aluminum plate is used, which is safe, healthy and applicable.
Many LED electronic fluorescent screens are used to express the avant-garde patterns of the brand, and the patterns can be changed at any time. They are low-carbon and energy-saving, and the cost of the project has been well saved and maintained.
In furniture, the use of leather upholstery, which fully considers the comfort and safety.
The main color of the space is green, and with the theme of lab experiment and cyberpunk, it constructs a Utopia future world imagination, and emphasizes the green concept of environmental protection under the development of science and technology.

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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