Key Dates

12 February - Launch Event
25 June - Standard Deadline
5 November - Final Deadline
12 November - Judging
19 November - Winners Announced
1 December - Awards Presentation

Image Credit : Chuan He

Project Overview

"Soak up the spirit of nature, nourish the circle of life" is the core concept of Pulin Organic SPA. All products are selected from Australian organic natural brands with ingredients derived from natural sources and organic elements. With the quickening pace of the living environment, a professional SPA with essential oils and aromatherapy has become a healing method for people, according to the concept of the SPA ,Resolute Design team created the concept of "utopia submerged in the hustle and bustle of the world", creating a place for self-cultivation, create a natural place in the concrete and steel, let our guests return to the most primitive shelter of human "cave", back to the original starting point of human "womb".

Project Commissioner

Chengdu Ao Shi Da Business Management Co.,Ltd

Project Creator

Chengdu Resolute Space Design Co.,Ltd


Chief Designer: Xue Li
Assistant Designer: Xing Yang, Jinliang Zhong

Project Brief

"Straight lines belong to man, curves belong to god." Organic and natural is the core element of this project, we want to integrate the "vitality life" into the whole building, with the soft and round structural lines of the female body to shape the whole interior space, the outer facade uses dry rose pink lacquer and rustic steel material colliding with each other to create a balance between rough and delicate.
The facade of building uses deconstruction to re-partition and recombine geometric elements, like Wassily Kandinsky's abstract paintings, which seem to have no order but are perfectly coordinated, to send a signal that this is the entrance to utopia, to the land of dreams, with a bit of mystery.
This case abandons too many complicated decoration, highlights the most primitive texture of the material, so that people closer to nature, to achieve the effect of returning to nature. The interior public area all painted with natural art paint imported from Italy, the earth color with oil painting texture, terrazzo floor tiles and burning stone table surface convey the idea of a natural and healthy life. A large number of environmental protection decorative materials are used in the interior, which not only ensures the beauty of the presentation effect, but also greatly maintains the health of users.

Project Need

Discover the interior, the corridor is structured like a mother's womb or a mysterious cave, with no angular design that enfolds the people in the space like a woman's soft body, blurring the boundaries of space and vision, the shimmering light from the walls and ceiling allows people to experience nature, life, and themselves, and to complete the whole process of aromatherapy in a self-consistent manner.

Design Challenge

Through the arched entrance, the circular“architecture” spirals from bottom to the top like a DNA structure, displaying a range of organic essential oils from Australia in a laboratory setting, accompanied by the sound of running water and the unique aroma in the air, it's like into a new world. The lithe spiral staircase, is the link between the two floors, like a girl lost scarf hovering in mid-air, gentle and holy.


The wall and ceiling finishes in the space are hand painted with Italian imported natural art paint. The earth color system is combined with the delicate texture of oil painting, and the terrazzo floor tile and the pyroxene table top of volcanic rock convey the natural and healthy life concept.
The comfort of consumption and experience is fully considered in the furniture of space. Wood mortise and tenon structure is selected without glue, which can reduce formaldehyde and other toxic production. The seats are wrapped with cloth made of natural dyes to avoid sharp corners and echo with the soft and beautiful space.
The whole space is equipped with automatic lighting control system, which can adjust the illumination and color temperature of indoor public area in different periods according to the change of external illumination, so as to achieve a more comfortable experience environment and energy saving effect.

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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