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12 February - Launch Event
25 June - Standard Deadline
5 November - Final Deadline
12 November - Judging
19 November - Winners Announced
1 December - Awards Presentation

Lanzhou Wanda City Exhibition Center [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Photographer: Lingyu Li


Project Overview

Lanzhou Wanda is located in Qilihe District, the "sub-center" of Lanzhou. Taking the concept of Jade belt in the sunshine and red massifs, seeing from the angle of typical Danxia landform, the geographic business card of Gansu and keeping to the point in virtue of elegant silks and brocades, the cultural business card of Lanzhou. The designer expresses quiet and lasting space moods full of rhythms with peaceful and smooth curves, graceful structure, pretty posture and exquisite materials and brings people fine and beautiful impression after catching a glimpse.

Project Commissioner

Wanda City

Project Creator

Greed Lotus Design


Liliang Shan, Liang Shi, Ningning Zhao, Lei Zhang, Li Dai

Project Brief

Once visitors step in the reception hall, they can feel the classic and noble match colors, which greatly improves the style and level of the whole atmosphere. Set off by a large area of white background, the layered distribution of champagne golden fence on the second floor metaphors the typical Danxia landform again and uses the classic method of extending the appearance curves of the building to the interior spatial curves. Due to too serious and thick temperament, typical Danxia red is not suitable for interior decoration design. After careful selection, the designer finally chose champagne golden to foil the elegant and luxurious indoor atmosphere appropriately.
The stand table area occupies the core position of the internal space in the design planning. When visitors take the escalator to the second floor, the daylighting roof of triangular distribution adds the morphological change of the modeling and creates the transparent feeling of the overall space. The interconnection between stand table area with other areas guarantees the smooth movable line of visitors. The interconnected open area presents different layouts and differentiates different functional attributes through changing some details. The stepped modelling of the wall extends to the canopy, presents the posture of strong interattraction with the sand table right below along the greatly slant wall of the ridge, brings the vertical direction obvious rising feeling with visually modelling change, reflects the project's determination and efforts to boost local economy as the new blood rising abruptly out of the ground.

Project Need

Wide depth of the negotiation area provides comfortable and cozy communication distance, and furniture arrangement of simple business style better blends in the space background, which gives people an elite, capable, experienced and steady feeling. Full daylighting brought by a large area of French windows creates a relaxed and cozy negotiation space for clients. The elevator hall of de-stylized design highlights the space implication of field domains with artistic installation full of modelling beauty and endows the quiet space with vivid artistry. The designer transforms the functional attributes of different areas in virtue of elevator hall and aims to metaphor that clients can encounter new modern urban life here.

Design Challenge

In order to catch eyes, the designer reduces the superfluous decorations in the reception hall while adhering to Modernism's main idea of simplification, boldly takes the escalator and step ladder as the key element of interior decoration, uses deep coffee color to complement the whole atmosphere and add brilliance, adopts light decorative lines along two sides of the escalator, breaks the monotony and baldness of match colors and modeling, makes the overall expression three-dimensional with one detail, forms the contrast between shadow and luster and supports the punchline of the design.
Adopting the screw-type design, the curved step ladder corresponds to the modeling theme of the building with the straight escalator. By going up the stairs and looking down, visitors can have fresh and new visual contrast and leave a strong intuition memory. After taking a panoramic view of the situation, it is not hard to find that the designer presents the modern aesthetic feeling among geometric prototypes simply by using the change of lines skillfully, hides space moods in abstract architectural language, creates an elegant and magnificent visual effect in virtue of space with no need for redundant decoration, uses indistinct and high aesthetic taste to make people have clear feelings, which explains the sayings that heavy sword does not have cutting edge and great wisdom appears stupid and most reflects profound design foundation.


 The design inspiration of "Qingchuan Jade Belt" creates the curvilinear shape of the building. Large area of glass curtain wall lighting surface introduced the natural light into the interior. At the same time, the designer has set up the natural lighting ceiling in the circular atrium, which can be used for lighting in the daytime, so as to achieve the design concept of energy saving and emission reduction.
The use of environmental protection art coating on the top and wall surface of the room can reduce the application of pollution materials and increase the sound absorption effect of the space, so as to achieve the effect of multiple uses of one kind of material.
Soft furnishings and furniture are water-based paint and natural fabric materials. Design details are also people-oriented, fillet processing to avoid the user caused by collision injury.
The space is equipped with multi-functional fresh air fan and other air treatment equipment to keep the indoor and outdoor air unobstructed at any time to ensure natural health.

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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