2017 London Design Awards

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Image Credit : Kang Wei Liang HC Space Design




Project Overview

Yangmingshan, Taipei, where many US soldiers shared their memories of the Cold War Era.
Far away from home, these warriors temporarily resided in this place, none of them knew if they could get back home again.
This place was their only shelter, physically and mentally.
This is a historic place, preserved by many difficulties, it was originally intended for special people to use, when we see it first time, It was a ruin.
We fully respect the history of this site, after two and a half years of design and re-build, it becomes a public place, I think this is the greatest value I want to create.
The company of this place, they do CD ROM and Vinyl Records production.
We combine vinyl music with the history of the times to rebuild this place.
33 1/3 is the vinyl record for one minute, we use the Brick yard 33 1/3 to rename for here.
We expect that everyone who visits the place could feel relaxed in the wonderful space, experience the good old times, and have their unforgettable memories in this new paradise.
The space is organised into the following areas:
History Display Area
Dining Area
Exhibition Area
Music Experience Area
Arts and Creatives Area
Stage Area
Outdoor Area

Project Commissioner

Hsiao Chin Dai Architect .inc

Project Creator

HC Space Design


Architect:Hsiao Chin Dai
Interior:Chien Hwa Huang,Chien Wei Huang
Structure: Justin C.H. Shih, Mengting Tsai
Landscape: Shu Yuan Wu
constract:Guan Li

Project Brief

In Taiwan, although there are some such cases of historical building renovation, but it has a historical significance,it is a closed place earlier,now it open In front of everyone. You can dining here, you can take a walk here, perform here, enjoy the scenery here,listen to music here,to do lectures,wedding,and even just finished BMW and AUDI car presentation, with a lot Function.Here you can find memories of the elderly can also be the younger generation to create memories.

Project Innovation/Need

Until now, it has been one of Taiwan's most popular restaurants and venues. The company of this place, they do CD-ROM and Vinyl Records production, but they want to transition to the food and beverage industry, they expect nine years to recover the cost, but now is expected to profit after a year. I think we are successful for the operator to create a new profit model.

Design Challenge

In fact the most difficult is to communicate with the public sector, we managed to achieve a balance, but the return of more than a year before the finalization, therefore, the actual project only for 10 months, but the meeting has reached more than 1 year. In the process of building, such as the damaged tiles, are not enough to be used for complete repair, we want to produce the same roof tile, but technically no way to do the same, fortunately, the original production of the manufacturers to find the inventory, as if everything is doomed.


We used many raw materials, such as wood beams, brick walls and retro tiles, to restore the elegance of historic buildings, showing the simplicity of retro space. Outdoor use of cement in the outdoor ground, which can let the soil and plants to maintain humidity, saving water. We also have a lot of doors and windows in every area, which can increase the introduction of ventilation and light, so that can reduce the waste of energy, but also reduce the use of air conditioning.Everything is good for the ecology.

This award celebrates the design process and product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations in commercial projects. Consideration given for material selection, technology, light and shadow.
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