Key Dates

25 March - Launch Deadline
27 May - Standard Deadline
24 June - Late Deadline
12 August - Judging
19 August - Winners Announced
21 September - Awards Presentation

Hong Kong Design Awards - Quick Start

The 2021 Hong Kong Design Awards are open! 

Here's what you need to do to start your nomination...

Step 1. Choose your category

Choose from one of the 10 Major Categories below and then choose your sub-category.


Step 2. Start your draft nomination

All you need for now is a project title, you can come back to the nomination form later and finish it off.

Step 3.  Pay for your nomination 

Pay now to lock in the current nomination price before we reach the next deadline.

DONE! It’s that easy! 

What next?

You've started and paid for your nomination, here's what to do next...

Note the Deadlines & Dates

Add the following deadlines to your calendar so that you and your team don't miss out!

Launch Deadline - 25 March
Standard Deadline - 27 May
Late Deadline - 24 June
Judging - 12 August
Winners Announcement - 19 August
Awards Presentation - 21 September

Book in the Award Manager's Briefing

We will be holding a half hour Award Manager’s Zoom briefing - stay tuned for more details. The briefing is designed to help award managers and design promotion teams to leverage the DRIVENxDESIGN Award Programs as a strategic tool to drive recognition and outcomes for your projects, clients, team and suppliers. We will be sharing key tips, insights and steps from Award Managers who have shown the smartest and most effective ways to maximise value from their win. 

Finish your Nomination

So you have started and paid for your nomination, now you need to finish it! Head to our 'Tips for your nomination' section of the FAQ for some pointers on how to make your nomination stand out.

If you have further questions about your nomination, head to the Awards FAQ or drop us a line at awards@drivenxdesign.com 

Best Of Categories

Who will win the Best of Categories?
Here are a few tips on how to improve your running. more