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Project Overview

The design of this project should pay more attention to clear primary and secondary, and follow the functional requirements. Designers transform office space into art space, and at the same time adds modern humanistic elements to shape the unique temperament of the office. They divide the space into different areas, which not only meets the needs of teamwork and focus, but also relaxes the nervous brain. In addition, the soft tones give rise to infinite reverie in space, making people in the space have different experiences.


Touch Design


Yong Zhang, Xin Ma

Project Brief

The whole space chooses the most classic white as the main tone, without tedious design and too much decoration, subtracting the depression in the office. Through the combination of natural pure white and quiet black, the brand image is presented concisely, while creating a harmonious sense of transition between left and right space. This extreme reduction makes it easier to focus on the few objects in the room. This environment calms the mind and sharpens your senses.
The conference room is designed with glass and shutters. Such a communication area not only maintains the mutual penetration and connection, enhances the tension of the place, but also guarantees the privacy of the whole space. The interior uses the local hanging art of the fitted design, coupled with the deep sensory effect of metal, to create a delicate artistic atmosphere. In addition, multimedia devices enhance the information radiation effect of wall space.

Project Innovation/Need

The charm of design is often to try to break the boundary and inherent limitation, so as to make the space more possible and interesting, and make people in the space have different experiences. This case transforms office space into art space, and at the same time adds modern humanistic elements to shape the unique temperament of the office. In the view of designers, art should not be a distant luxury, but a daily product, which can be seen everywhere as food for life.

Design Challenge

Free communication is essential to team innovation. In order to maximize the performance of the limited space, designers have opened up a whole area of soft packaging materials. Here, everything unknown and existing common sense memory are transmitted, and the tentacles of creative thinking begin to spread. The small green tree separates the high white two-person table, which provides a more casual and face-to-face office form.


Touch Design paid careful attention to all aspects of sustainable design and performance. In this workspace, sustainability does not just stop at the design but rather follows through to how spaces are maintained, cleaned and of course, staff support to do their jobs.
As part of our commitment to implement the sustainable development plan, the design materials of this case use 100% green energy, working towards to achieve The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Internal planting is widely spread throughout the space, however it is most concentrated in the public area, the layout creates circulation that encourages upward growth, exploration and surprise, like that of a natural landscape.
Touch design ingeniously refines cultural elements and applies them to modern space, showing elegant charm while leaving more room for touch. Green plants light up the living vitality of the office. The clean and free color is the trail of wandering thoughts, extending tentacles in the blank space.
The creativity of design comes from the infinite possibilities of thought. Soft tones give rise to infinite reverie in space, while the antennae of ideas spread and interact with each other in space. All of these give creative ideas a far-reaching enlightenment that can not only express logic and structure, but also reflect the image of "touch".

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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