2016 Hong Kong Design Awards

spaces, objects, visual, graphic, digital & experience design, design champion, best studio & best start-up, plus over 40 specialist categories

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Gold Winner 

Project Overview

Kello, the First Smart Alarm Clock that Actually Improves Sleep. Kello is an advanced sleep trainer that trains you to snooze less, wake up earlier, and much more.



Project Brief

By using scientifically-proven techniques, the Kello system - which includes a bedside device and a companion app for initial setup - was designed to help users develop good sleep habits to kick-start their morning routine.

“People don't need another app, sleeping pill, gimmicky alarm clock, or spreadsheets full of sleep data,” said Kello co-founder and CEO Antoine Markarian. “They need to change their lifestyle. Kello helps you do just that.”

Kickstart your mornings with content you love. Kello integrates with Spotify, Deezer, internet radio and more, so you can wake up with whatever gives you a boost.

Become a morning person in 30 days. Big goals to wake up 1 hour earlier everyday? Kello will program a sleep schedule to gradually trim a few minutes off your daily wake-up time. In just 30 days, you’ll be an early riser.

Project Innovation/Need

Fall asleep faster. The “Deep Sleep” feature prompts Kello to emit a gentle pulsing light that mimics a rhythm typical of breathing. Just follow the lights with your breath, and you’ll quickly slow down to your own natural sleep rhythm.

Restorative sleep is achieved through regular bedtimes. Just input your goal wakeup time for the month, and a sky full of stars will automatically appear when it’s the optimal time to hop into bed.

With Kello, you can limit how many times per week you can hit snooze. Once you’ve used up you're allotted snoozes, you can program your Kello to ring louder, change playlists or even turn on the lights.

Adjust your body clock before and after your trip. Traveling to a new time zone in 10 days? Kello will compute a custom light and sleep schedule to help you minimize the effects of jet lag. Just enter your destination and travel dates, and Kello will help you gradually adjust your body clock to prepare and recover.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for either a component or overall product. Consideration given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and materials, and the resolution of assembly, manufacturing and the overall function.
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