2016 Hong Kong Design Awards

spaces, objects, visual, graphic, digital & experience design, design champion, best studio & best start-up, plus over 40 specialist categories

accelerate transformation, celebrate courage, growing demand for design

Photo Credit : Peter Cheung

Silver Winner 

Project Overview

The design concept is to create a food factory look, where everything is revealed with concrete floor, exposed pipes and wide open kitchen area; we want the customers to have the pleasure of cooking whilst observing their surroundings and watch how their food gets prepared.

Project Commissioner

Super Star Group

Project Creator

ARTTA Concept Studio


Arthur Tang, Natalie Chan and Ferlycia Man

Project Brief

With the food factory concept, we have used concrete materials and exposed pipes to enhance this look. The choice of red, black and white has been used to create a sophisticated and sharp look throughout the restaurant.

The restaurant has a VIP room and to keep the sophisticated atmosphere we have used red wooden ceilings and bold black walls to help frame the room and enhance a chic and comfortable ambience for the customers to dine in.

Project Innovation/Need

As the restaurant has a wide entrance, we decided to use bold black for the doors because it’s eye-catching as well as it being a classy welcoming for the customers. We wanted the restaurant ?to be modern but have a contrast? of rustic and new, by juxtaposing rough elements with contemporary furniture, such as the black table, red and white chairs which really add a dynamic feel to the restaurant.

Design Challenge

The restaurant has pipes running through the interior from every table so that the air can be transported upwards as the customers are cooking. The challenge here was to design and arrange these functional pipes into a unique feature and to blend in with the restaurant.


For this design we used LED lights which have environmental benefits, such as it being longer lasting and therefore don't need to be replaced often. It also consumes less energy which means they produce less heat.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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