Key Dates

22 December 2020 - Launch Deadline
25 February - Standard Deadline
4 May - Final Deadline
6 May - Judging
20 May - Winners Announced
1 July - Awards Presentation

Latrobe City Council Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre [DRAFT]

Project Overview

Latrobe City engaged R-Co to develop a comprehensive brand positioning, brand design development and implementation strategy that represented the aspirations of the City and its community.

The project outcome was to create a placemaking model that could be integrated into three new recreation centres:
1. Gippsland Regional Indoor Sports Stadium
2. Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre
3. Gippsland Performing Arts Centre

The Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre is the first project to be completed of the trio of centres.


R-Co Brand


Latrobe City Council:
General Manager Assets & Presentation: Larry Sengstock
Manager Engagement and Customer Focus: Lauren Carey
Project Manager: Luke McGrath

Creative Director: Richard Henderson
Design Director: Michael Canturi
Designer: Peter Nedanovski

Project Brief

The placemaking brand outcomes were required to:
1. "Create a branding concept for the collective investment of the major recreation assets as well as an individual brand identity for each asset which highlight's Latrobe City's status as Gippsland's only regional city. "
2. "Develop the brand model for Latrobe City Council that identifies Latrobe City connection with activities and events on a local, regional and global level."
3. "Undertake all strategies and positioning development with the Latrobe City marketing team and presentations to Council. "

Project Innovation/Need

R-Co developed a brand model across the three new centres through signage and communications so that it integrates with each of the buildings architecture, enhances the visitor experience, reflects the aspiration of the Council and unites the trio of centres with a recognisable theme.
A pattern inspired by the DNA of the Latrobe City brand. It embraces the idea of ‘a new energy’ as a visual language and something that can start to permeate across all council activities.
By referencing the existing Latrobe City identity in the brand strategy, the idea of "new energy" became the inspiration for the design outcomes. Using the fluid ribbon effect enabled the trio of new centres to be united, even though they were in different locations. The ribbon effect is intended to be expanded to Council activities in the community of townships which will act as a symbol of place and pride in living there.

Design Challenge

A project like this has many stakeholders.
The success of the outcome involves a clear strategy that can be endorsed and produce the foundation for the design outcomes. It was critical that the brand placemaking strategy did not compromise the existing Latrobe City brand identity.
The designed solution was also required to be implemented locally and be successful in print, digital and environmental applications.
The three centres, Sports, Aquatic and Arts were colour coded to provide individual distinction within the "new energy" DNA.


All applications used local sourcing regarding signage and print. This provided employment in the COVID era and also enabled local signage manufacturers to contribute to a world class outcome.
R-Co's design strategy enabled efficient roll out of the placemaking graphic and signage package because it was a modular solution.
All signage manufacture used the same templates with colour change for each centre.
This resulted in efficient work practice, material choice and time savings as the documentation and manufacture process was replicated.

This award celebrates innovative and creative design for environmental projects. Consideration given to materials, finishes, sustainablility and environmental impact.

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