2020 GOV Design Awards

spaces, objects, visual, graphic, digital, service design & experience design, design champion, best project, best transformation, best innovation plus specialist categories

accelerate transformation, celebrate courage, growing demand for design

Key Dates

16 January - Launch Event
5 March - Standard Deadline
30 April - Final Deadline
14 May - Judging
18 May - Rating Closes
21 May - Winners Announced
30 June - Awards Presentation

Project Overview

Development of a new visual brand design new brand design to unite its international B2B sales, marketing and communication initiatives and activities.

Project Commissioner

Invest Victoria

Project Creator

R-Co Brand


Invest Victoria CEO: Chris Barrett
Invest Victoria Marketing and Communications Manager: Elanor Parsons
Invest Victoria International Marketing Strategy Manager: Jehanne Lielnors

R-Co Creative Director: Richard Henderson
R-Co Design Director: Michael Canturi
R-Co Designer: Peter Nedanovski

Project Brief

The new Invest Victoria brand design must:
1. Bring credibility to Invest Victoria in terms of who they are and what they do, similar to any advisory / consulting firm that operates on the international stage
2. Work with the State Government’s Melbourne, Victoria, Australia destination brand
3. Leverage the credibility of the State Government of Victoria

A design was to be created that could work across all digital and traditional forms of B2B marketing and communication.

Project Innovation/Need

To communicate the dynamic approach that Invest Victoria brings to marketing Victorian State Government initiatives, the visual identity incorporates a series of core values within the identity’s graphic presentation.

This brings to life the spirit of Invest Victoria’s positioning as well as communicating the key messages that Invest Victoria’s customers want to know. The identity was required to provide an innovative and dynamic impression that is anchored by the State Government corporate positioning.

The innovation lies within the identity itself:
1. It becomes a conduit for conversation
2. Invest Victoria is seen to be activate and engaging
3. There is a distinction between the organisation and State Government’s destination positioning
4. The idea within the design suggests a smart approach of doing business in Victoria, with the short hand message being “In Vic”
5. The presentation provides Invest Victoria people with a sense of pride, connection with the organisation’s culture, and a confidence that the presentation of the Governments’’, messages are global best practice.

The identity design demonstrates how graphic wit can transform a corporate name into a memorable message that informs, inspires and motivates.

Design Challenge

The challenge for Invest Victoria lies in the fact that it has dual roles. It needs to be able to both promote the advisory services of the organisation as well as Melbourne, Victoria as an investment destination.
In the past, destination Melbourne has often taken precedent to Invest Victoria’s services, however, in today’s highly competitive environment, it is often our services that is the differentiation factor.

Further, as the Invest Victoria brand has to work with other brand marks, the brief was for the design to be based on a word mark.


We are still in the process of rolling out the brand. But initial feedback from staff and clients was that they really loved the new look and were keen for it to be rolled out. The staff feel proud to be part of the organisation and quote ‘I can’t wait to go and meet people’ (Sic: so they can give them the new cards.)

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of brand, ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication, representation of brand values and the matching information style to audience.
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