Key Dates

28 January - Launch Deadline
18 March - Standard Deadline
29 April - Extended Deadline
10 June - Judging
24 June - Winners Announced
27 July - Awards Presentation

37 Interactive Entertainment Headquarters [DRAFT]

Project Overview

37 Interactive Entertainment Global Headquarters sits right at the heart of Pazhou CBD in Guangzhou City, a prestigious location with obvious advantage: Zhujiang New Town and Guangzhou International Finance Center are across the river, forming the “Gold Triangle” of economic development at the central area of Guangzhou and becoming the new engine for creativity and growth of the city in the near future. The district has successfully invited numerous leading enterprises in artificial intelligence and digital economy including Alibaba, Tencent, 37 Interactive Entertainment, Fosun (South China), VIP.com, Gome Retail, Xiaomi, YY.com, iFLYTEK, etc to settle in, and are dedicated to building a world class demonstration area of digital economy.

Project Commissioner

Guangzhou Sanqi Wenchuang Technology Co. , Ltd.

Project Creator

GWP Architects

Project Brief

37 Interactive Entertainment Global Headquarters is located on the northwestern side of Pazhou Avenue, West Pazhou District, with United Family Hospital to the south, urban green space and Huabang International Center to the north, SANY Group HQ Building and Guangdong Telecom Tower to the east and southeast. Looking away from the site, the Pazhou Brewery Culture Creative District is just 300 meters to the north of the site, and a planned park is on the northeast which allows open view toward the beautiful Zhujiang River.
One of the Top 20 publicly listed gaming companies, 37 Interactive Entertainment, with its mission of “bringing joy to the world”, aims to become an extraordinary and sustainable entertainment company. In order to meet the fast-growing demands for office space of over 6,000 future employees, 37 Interactive Entertainment initiated the design competition in August 2020 to solicit design schemes globally for its future headquarters building.
Starting from the concept “fun-loving hearts creating the world” and with the founder’s ideal and features of the corporate, a common place that is fun, harmonic, open to creativity and sharing is generated through creative techniques that merge the corporate culture into design. After completion, 37 Interactive Entertainment Global will stand tall at the center of Pazhou CBD with its creative façade structure and interior space as features to convey the corporate’s mission and idea.

Project Innovation/Need

To meet the need for spatial flexibility of the corporate and make it possible to switch between functions irregularly, GWP has designed a set of floor plan modules. Office modules, conference modules, event modules and more others are formulated within a standard rectangular box space. Public event modules can be connected by stairs through lower and upper levels per requirements. Numbers and locations of each type of modules can be adjusted for different scenarios on typical floors. Detailed functions such as activity room, reading room, exhibition room, training room, conference room, and banquet room are further refined in the office module, in order to meet different needs for customized functions and free combinations.

Design Challenge

In order to adapt to climate of the Lingnan (South to the Nanling Mountains) region, GWP has designed a modular façade system on the exterior of the building. Different combinations of modules form the most reasonable shading pattern that is denser on the east side than the west, which guarantees sufficient natural lighting while reduces solar radiation and controls energy usage efficiently. Density variation also creates graceful effects on the building facades, endowing aesthetic charm while enhancing the building’s energy performance.
37 Interactive Entertainment Global HQ’s comprehensive use of modules in plan and elevation design helps reduce construction time and cost while maintain the quality of works. It is a innovative move for high-rise building design and construction, and also the inevitable trend for the industry in the future.


The project follows the overall planning guidelines of Pazhou HQ District on the high level. The ground level of the building is set back for public space that connects the green park and the Qilou’s corridor to the north. The designer hopes the building can bring the public unique experiences of urban life and reflect the rich diversity of the city. Public activity area is open 24 hours on the ground level of the project, which simultaneously enhances the flexibility of the pedestrian circulation. Artistic stairs, culture exhibition boards, urban-scale artworks display area, accessible elevator lobby open to the public, retails, and other facilities serving the public are located in the same area on the ground level, which maximizes the public benefits through design and adds values to the project.

The three-dimensional greening system spirals up from ground level and wraps the entire building 360 degrees. Contingent to public space settings, it can adjust the micro-climate, reduce heat island effect, and provide a comfortable and healthy working environment. Three-dimensional greening is an extension of the urban greenery: its sky gardens located at different heights in the building expand the ecological footprint of the city using architectural expressions.

This award celebrates the design process and product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations. Consideration given for material selection, technology, light and shadow. 
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