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28 January - Launch Deadline
18 March - Standard Deadline
29 April - Late Deadline
10 June - Judging
24 June - Winners Announced
27 July - Awards Presentation

Maple-Brown Abbott [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Fab Ferrante



Project Overview

As one of Australia’s first boutique investment management firms, Maple-Brown Abbott has been managing investment portfolios for investors since 1984. When it was founded nearly 40 years ago, Maple-Brown Abbott (MBA) specialised in Australian equities. Over time though, the organisation has evolved and it is now a global business focussing on Australian equities, Asian equities and global listed infrastructure securities – with clients in over 20 countries.

Project Commissioner

Maple-Brown Abbott

Project Creator



Account Director: Adam Griffith
Producer: Kim Dezen
Strategist: Emma Andrews
Designer: Fab Ferrante
FED: Drew Foster, Johannes Untoro, Catherine Cattach
QA: Shanti Lestari, Bram Yuwono

Project Brief

The new site not only needed to have a more contemporary look and feel, it needed to convey the firm’s independence, which remains an important part of its culture, and its commitment to always acting with integrity and the highest ethical standards. It also needed to be able to support the firm’s expansion into Europe and the US.

Project Need

MBA’s website had not kept pace with this transition and had become dated in its content as well as its appearance and usability. What the firm needed was a digital platform that would respect and honour its values and history, while reflecting its growth and evolution.

User Experience

The engagement began with an in-depth discovery process, involving a series of workshops, all conducted remotely due to Covid restrictions. During this phase of the project, Luminary took a deep dive with key stakeholders into where the brand had been, where it was going, and what its goals were.

The site had basically been operating as a collection of three microsites, each aimed at one of the firm’s three main personas. This had led to a situation where there was a lot of duplicate content, and the site had become difficult to maintain. Trying to cater to the different investment strategies and regulations across numerous jurisdictions had also led to a lot of unnecessary complexity in the information architecture.

To alleviate these issues, Luminary’s first recommendation was to implement personalisation based on the region of the user. This way, only geographically relevant content would be shown, and the site’s navigation could be vastly simplified.

Another problem that was identified with the existing site was that it had very little focus on the history and values of the firm, which were critical for supporting its expansion plans. While MBA was well-known within the Australian market, if it was to successfully push into regions where it had less brand awareness, the site needed to have more of a focus on the firm’s history and expertise. It also needed to have a more modern appearance, with an emphasis on more natural-looking photography and a less cluttered design.

Project Marketing

Maple-Brown Abbott’s new site has been promoted through search optimisation and links back to the website from LinkedIn.

Project Privacy

Maple-Brown Abbott Limited handles personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). More detail can be found at https://www.maple-brownabbott.com.au/privacy-policy.

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