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Key Dates

28 January - Launch Deadline
18 March - Standard Deadline
29 April - Late Deadline
10 June - Judging
24 June - Winners Announced
27 July - Awards Presentation

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2020 - Born On The Island [DRAFT]

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Project Overview

With the concept of a planning team by a group of architects and artists, the creators use their own life experience to read the context of Taiwan from the mountains to the woods; under the cross-domain, cross-generational and residents’ collaboration of Taiwan and Japan curatorial teams, the possibility of experimenting with natural and ecological materials with wood materials, combined with agricultural regeneration, in contrast to the past display mode of a large number of uniformly manufactured lighting products, it is possible to disassemble and assemble the lighting group and return to the community and return to the earth after the event, another kind of landscape Aesthetics "New Taiwan Lantern Festival".


Ding Yong Culture Creativity Ltd. 定泳文創有限公司


群眾自造股份有限公司Netizen Productions Co., Ltd.
王銘顯 / 新山拓 Wang, Ming-Hsien / Taku Shinyama
構築設計聯合治作 / 林建華 doT & associates / Hide Lin
偶然設計 / 曾令理 Serendipity Studio / Tseng, Ling-Li
范承宗 Houli Feng, Cheng Tsung
杉原信幸 / 謝昆霖 Nobuyuki Sugihara / Hsieh, Kun-Lin
賴人碩建築師事務所 / 吳建志、游沅儒 REN Architects / Jiann-Jyh Wu、Yuan-Ru You

Yuan-Ru You游沅儒
doT & associates構築設計聯合治作
Hide Lin林建華

Project Brief

Taiwan Lantern Festival is one of the annual events, attracting million people.
To catch the attention, the team is delivering the value of senses for the audiences and participants. This is initiated from the human nature, moving forward the sustainable environment.
The sprit of Satoyama is the harmony between humans and nature.
In front of each piece of art works, we are perceiving the harmony, with visual, auditory, and tactual sensation, experiencing the the original impression from Agriculture Age to the moment.
Based on this mountainous island, Taiwan, naturally, the residents’ consciousness of Satoyama has been formed.
The event of “Born On the Island, Holitic Satoyama”, inspiring the audiences spiritually and deeply, influenced by the forests.

Project Innovation/Need

The Taiwan Lantern Festival is a short-term celebration and the Lantern Festival that the people of Taiwan look forward to. From scratch to return to normal, it often creates a lot of carbon footprint; therefore, the team has built a permanent or short-term non-recyclable device in the past and proposed that it can be completely Disassemble and recycle the device. This new natural text is not for optimizing traditional imagination, but for dialogue on a sustainable environment in the future after the epidemic. In the field of the lantern festival, the trajectories of the two are used with "agricultural life" and "civil participation" and the sparks of creators, in contrast to the colorful lights and lamp groups in the past, and use "light" and "shadow" to show high efficiency and Creative and artistic context.

Design Challenge

From the forest, we can see the development of the country’s culture and society, and find another possibility for Taiwan’s future. Learning how to communicate and get along with the forest will be an important topic.

Instead of the traditional lantern model in the past, we have taken respect for the sustainability of the natural environment as the subject. For the first time in history, we tried to use the architectural curatorial model, combined with natural language and art, and under the premise of natural symbiosis and sustainable development, we tried new materials in After the lantern festival, it can be completely disassembled and recycled, realizing the Satoyama spirit of harmonious coexistence with nature.


Overturning the mass-manufacturing model repeatedly carried out by the annual lantern festival in the past, based on the wooden structure, the device can be completely disassembled and recycled to the local community for service at the end of the lantern festival based on the wooden structure, and the land can be restored. This combination of traditional celebrations and natural geography into a new natural text, from mountains to woods, with the cross-border cooperation of architects, craftsmen, and artists, responds to the natural ecology and the humanities behind to form a new landscape aesthetic.

This award celebrates creative and innovative lighting design or effects in indoor or outdoor spaces.
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