Hymix Brand Identity [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Josh Kelly, Jack Harlem Photography



Project Overview

The Hymix brand identity solution demonstrates that time, not concrete, is the company's most valued commodity. The developed brand idea ‘It’s about time’ celebrates their commitment to realistic delivery times and their dedication to keep projects moving. It also acts as a rallying call to shake up the industry and start treating customers with the respect and transparency they deserve. The friendly and approachable design language appeals to both the consumer and trade audience, whilst maintaining a trustworthy and dependable appearance.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator



Ben Maunder, Managing Director
John Argyle, Brand Designer
Martin Hull, Brand Strategist
Danielle Franchina, Project Manager
Zal Meher-Homji, Digital Account Director
Shane Agard, Digital Designer
Brett Johns, Copywriter
Jordan Neenan, Developer
Katie Macaione, Producer
Josh Kelly, Photographer

Project Brief

Hymix has been manufacturing and transporting concrete throughout Australia for over 50 years. However in recent years the larger projects have proven to be problematic, tying up the delivery fleet and other critical resources across the business. Hymix needed a new brand strategy and supporting visual identity so they could go smaller – targeting the consumer market alongside the more traditional residential builders, pool builders and small to medium sized commercial projects.

Project Innovation/Need

Focusing on differentiating Hymix from others in the concrete industry whilst targeting the consumer segment meant that building brand recall and trust was paramount. As one of Hymix's most visible assets, the agitator truck livery has an important role in building this brand recall. Featuring the new Hymix marque and ‘dynamic arrow’ device, the new barrel livery is unlike anything else in the industry and a standout on the roads. The website is another main asset challenging the perception of consumer involvement and the sales process.

The online experience steps the user through an informative and visual sales process, using exact colour matched printed samples of the various concrete products. Prior to this approach, real concrete tiles were presented to clients resulting in a limited number of samples available for review. This new approach assists the Hymix sales team to focus on accessing consumers directly, it also empowers the end user (home owner) to have the choice when selecting both their concrete finish and their supplier, in an industry where this step is often not available to the customer. It also focuses heavily on the concept of time and giving it back to the customer so they can step through the process at their own pace.

Design Challenge

Business relationships had become short-term and transactional with delayed or inaccurate delivery times causing frustration and grinding construction sites to a halt. The main challenge we faced was getting a deep understanding of these relationships and the industry as a whole, and working out where Hymix could differentiate as a brand.

The wrap design on the barrel proved a significant design challenge with the construction of cardboard models of each barrel size to test the design and ensure that the wrap was installed correctly by the production team.


The strategy, brand identity and design solution is a first for the tier 2 concrete industry in Australia. No other business in the category can claim to have such consistent, strategy and design-led branding that is seen as an industry leader. The truck livery alone uses a wrap-style design that encompasses the entire agitator giving a impactful look as it's mixing whist on the road. The custom printed concrete sample box for the sales team, the product picker and the concrete calculator on the website all contribute to an innovative customer experience.

Being a tier 2 concrete company means that smaller projects by owner-builders, renovators, residential builders and small scale developments suit the company structure and fleet size. The design solution talks to this audience on an approachable but trustworthy level and doesn't feel out-of-reach or expensive for this type of customer.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.
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