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J Series by Jetts Australia [DRAFT]

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Photo Credit : Jetts Australia




Project Overview

Jetts Australia adds J Series: an innovative, dynamic and fun High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) product to their already award-winning 24/7 gym offering to give members a transformational workout experience that gets results with a twist.


Jetts Fitness Australia


Mark Hollis [Project Manager]
Elaine Jobson [Executive Producer]
Bianca Field [Producer]
Dallas Blacklaw [Head Trainer]
Kieran Stowers [Senior Designer / Art Direction]
June Sartracom [Designer]
Samantha Wolski [Junior Designer]
Jacob Kettle [Video and Motion Graphics]
Jonathan Favari [Designer]
Paulina Szyszlo [Designer]
Kristy Pierpoint [Marketing Campaign Co-ordinator]
Taylor Grut [Marketing Assistant]

Project Brief

Jetts Australia is the leading homegrown gym franchise, emerging from humble origins in Queensland in 2007. However its longevity and the saturation of the 24 hour market has also challenged its relevance to younger audiences who are looking for a more comprehensive training experience. Jetts needed something to keep loyal members engaged while at the same time attracting new members to respond to the brand in a way they had never done before. After significant quantitative research and testing it was clear that a HIIT training product was the right direction to take. The creative brief was put to the Jetts Australia in-house creative team: conceptualise and create a High Intensity Interval Training product to complement the current gym offering that would inspire, entertain and educate gym-goers of all levels.

Project Innovation/Need

Our mission was to re-invigorate the club space and bring new energy. One of the key insights from our research was understanding what our members expected from training at Jetts. One survey showed in the first 40 days on average a new member visits just once. This abysmally low usage rate revealed that they lacked the know-how or confidence to make the most of their membership. We needed to answer these audience needs: teach, include, inspire and challenge me.

Sometimes it’s ok to plug in your headphones and just tune out while you train, you may even check yourself out in the mirror for a little too long! This describes an ordinary Jetts member. Without any early engagement they are likely to abandon their fitness goals and cancel their membership altogether. HIIT has been proven to get results and connecting members not only provides an improvement in member retention but comes with financial reward in the long-run.

The member experience needed to be re-evaluated. Driving this innovation was an essential question: ‘how do we build a sense of community within each club?’. One design-led solution was to make more efficient use of the gym space to cater for more social training activities. The introduction of the J Series functional training zone meant clubs could fit members into group workouts where they could meet new people, feel included, connect into the life and culture of their new Jetts club while start challenging themselves to achieve their fitness goals.

Design Challenge

After visiting gyms and immersing ourselves in HIIT training culture, we discovered one of the most crucial components of the overall experience are our industry certified Personal Trainers, also known as our rockstar Coaches. Together with engaging visuals played via large screens, they provide a solution to a significant problem: how to offer transformational member experiences to such a broad audience with differing levels of ability and knowledge.

Joining a HIIT training session can be pretty daunting, especially if you don’t know anyone or you don’t have a lot of confidence in your own abilities. From start to finish, Coaches are trained to provide a safe training atmosphere. Picture it like a gig: our Coach is the Rockstar and members are the band, together they create the club vibe!

Another early challenge was trying to contrive banal fitness-related messages to an audience that would disconnect instantly when they realise they’re being advertised to. It had to sound fun! We used a simple theme with endless creative potential: weave the passion and movement associated with music with the intensity of HIIT training. Popular song names describe the energy of each workout.

The workout screens are the silent hero. The approach was to keep it simple: don't overdesign the video to look like a Drake concert. A thorough design process including workshops to understand the state of mind of someone under physical exertion and prototyping led us to a distinct combination of human-led coaching and visual cues.

User Experience

By avoiding clichéd ideas and instead creating fun and memorable fitness experiences, Jetts comes alive with energetic rockstar Coaches, video screens, eye-catching and functional video content. J Series merchandise and a social media strategy that includes an emphasis on Instagram stories and live video enhances the overall member experience inside and outside the gym.

The effectiveness of HIIT also cannot be denied: post-workout the body needs to decrease temperature, re-oxygenate blood cells and return to a normal heart rate. All of this requires energy. It’s an intense workout over a short period of time so the body will burn a lot of calories during and after! Combine this type of training with a fun, social activity and members are seeing real results!

We’ve done the thinking for the member. The workout architecture starts with a demonstration of exercises, a warm up, a ‘Pump up the jam’ ice-breaker followed by the workout and a ‘chill’ at the end. All up, from start to finish the full workout takes just 30 minutes and finishes with a fist bump to say ‘job well done’.

The experience is also amplified by a curated playlist of upbeat electronic music designed to keep the energy levels high mixed with some singalong nostalgia for the Millennial audience; #R&BFridays.

J Series has armed members with the confidence to incorporate functional training techniques into their routines so they can train for life, while also connecting them with like-minded people in the Jetts community.


This award celebrates creative and innovative design for branded experiences intended to persuade an audience to purchase or take some action upon products, ideas or services. Consideration given to the technical, conceptual and aesthetic elements, user experience, audience engagement and message delivery.
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