Key Dates

24 June - Launch Deadline
25 November - Standard Deadline
27 January 2022 - Late Deadline
18 February 2022 - Judging
24 February 2022 - Winners Announced
29 March 2022 - Awards Presentation

Image Credit : All the photography are shot by Shenzhen Shi Xiang Wan He company.

Project Overview

MILKY WAY is a high-end wedding store that aims to be dreamy, inclusive and creative. The interior design is inspired by the hem and fishtail of the wedding dresses, this inspiration is also imbedded in the flowy doubled-layered light belt that goes around the celling of the entire property. To bring in some ocean elements, the customized-made light is in shape of abstract fish. The usage of white and gold combined with the arched lines and the hidden light belt presents the overwhelming sense of futurism and also a relaxing vibe.

Project Commissioner

Hainan MeiSheng Trade LTD

Project Creator

Ly Design Office


Head Designer: Liren Long
Assistant Designer: Libo Ma

Project Brief

MILKY WAY is located at Riverside Coast Phase III in the romantic and beautiful coastal city, Haikou. The exterior reconstruction of the fa├žade, interior design and overall furnishing was all done by Ly Design Office. As a 20s girl who is full of ideas and romance, the business owner wishes that her future customers are just as classy and dreamy as the name of her property.
Our goal is to create a heart-warming and inclusive space by using smooth and arched items. The inspiration of the design is the hem and fishtail of the wedding dress. While white and gold being the dominant colors, a strong sense of form is also imbedded in the overall design.
The usage of white combined with the arched lines and the hidden light belt presents the overwhelming sense of futurism. The main hall is designed to be bright and smooth; near the service/reception desk there is a humanitarian and user-friendly touch which is realized by adding a sunken lounge where the customers can rest on the sofas with drinks from the mini bar right next to the lounge.
This design is here to break conventions and normality, this large space of romance is here to meet the spiritual satisfaction. This is not only a simple business property; this is more like an artistic creation with its own unique soul.
Our aim is to realize the coexistence of art and business.

Project Innovation/Need

Traditional wedding store is usually feminine and fairy, to add some characteristics to the space, we added some ocean elements (e.g. the flowing fish shaped main light) inspired by the fishtail of the wedding dress.
We also design the belt light in a non-conventional fluid belt form, though there were some technical difficulties in executing the this design, we still think this is a highly valuable and experimental attempt within the form of lighting.

Design Challenge

There are three main challenges throughout of this project.
1.The property is located in Hainan China, a city that has both high temperature and humidity all year around. Therefore, choosing the right construction material and coating that was both heat and moisture resilient was very important.
2. The light belt that is in the shape of hem and fishtail of the wedding dress had some difficulties to be executed during the construction process. It was technically challenging to achieve the smooth and fluid finish of the light belt, especially because of the budget cut, we had to abandon the original material choice and eventually used compressed imitation-wood which needed to be joined into the arched belt and polished. It was also difficult to "hide" the actual light and to blend it into the wedding dress shaped belt.
3. We faced budget cut and very tight time pressure, to cope with which we had to change some original design plans in the middle of the construction and complete the project in only two month time.


All lights used are LED lights, barely any plastic is used throughout the space. The actual light belt is shape by composed recyclable wood coated with environmental-friendly paint.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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