Key Dates

12 February 2020 - Launch Deadline
17 September 2020 - Standard Deadline
9 February - Extended Deadline
11 February - Judging
18 February - Winners Announced
2 March - Awards Presentation


Project Overview

As the world headquarters of this tourism enterprise, its spatial design is intended to create a setting of diversity that presents multiple looks, making each corner a hotspot for visitors to take photos and have Facebook check-ins due to its distinct landscape and vibe. To integrate different settings into the work space without looking out of place, however, is a great challenge, which is resolved by applying similar color tones to diminish differences and allow for gradations.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator



I-Hao Chang

Project Brief

The design is an aesthetic attempt to compare the tourism industry to a bridge, using points, lines and planes to present the imagery. The reception area—the starting point of the voyage— features a counter and cabinets behind it collaged with large rectangles of different shades. Points make up the logo of kkday and the signature wall with a world map, making manifest the enterprise image of a door to the world. The ceiling is structured with openwork light steel, resulting in a sense of transparency and lightness while corresponding with the lines on the floor. An abstract image of intertwined routes is displayed, which also conveys the message that the tailored travel itinerary organized scrupulously for each customer is an indispensable part of a trip. The original flooring in the lobby is retained, with its lines leading on to different settings. Depicted on one wall are a surfing board and a beach chair with the blue sky and green ocean and the beach as the background, creating a leisurely vibe of vacationing on a small island. The coffee bar in a corner has a large screen playing alternately images of glamorous city light in different parts of the world—a stark contrast to the beach scene.

Project Innovation/Need

Unlike the dullness, routine and solemnness of a regular office, the kkday office displays the vivacity, fun and vitality of the enterprise with bright colors. The enterprise concept of being “happy to be a worker, happy to be a traveler” is fully conveyed. Thus begins the organization of a wonderful journey.

Design Challenge

The wall of the conference room has a light tone easy on the eye, which makes going on the hallways to different sections quite relaxing. The signs on the doors signify entrances to different countries and themes. The fun decorations in the conference room, such as a Japanese shrine torii, aurora and undersea scenes rid the place of any restraint. The open-concept public restroom features large-format printouts of colorful tropical forest, making visitors feel at ease in the bright natural light.


Traveling means breaking away from the daily routine and, with great expectations, approaching and savoring the novelty of a new place. It means connecting two dots of places with humanist sentiment and creating wonderful memories. The design of kkday office aims to get the enterprise spirit of being enlivening, vivacious and buoyant as well as essence of travel incorporated and presented in the office by green materials and less unnecessary decoration for people and environment friendly.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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