Key Dates

12 February 2020 - Launch Deadline
17 September 2020 - Standard Deadline
9 February - Extended Deadline
11 February - Judging
18 February - Winners Announced
2 March - Awards Presentation





Project Overview

Hotel Resonance Taipei is the first Tapestry Resonance Hotel in the Asia-Pacific region of Hilton Group. As a member of the Tapestry Resonance Hotel family, Hotel Resonance Taipei Times Residence is based on the local spirit of Taipei, bearing the brand characteristics of Tapestry Resonance Hotels, and integrating the high standard and quality characteristics of Hilton Hotels! With clever design and detailed planning, modern art space and attentive service, Taiwan's human touch and hospitality, all guests will enjoy the most unforgettable time and quality.

Through our extensive research of the neighbourhood, we discovered the importance of camphor in the 1920s, and its lasting impact on Hollywood in the form of film. As the hotel’s architectural facade of extruded boxes and randomised window pattern also happened to visually echo moving film strips and picture frames, film and the creative spirit of film culture quickly became our jump-off point for our design narrative.

Project Commissioner

Prince Housing & Development Corp

Project Creator

Cheng Chung Design Hong Kong

Project Brief

The Studio evokes the dynamic, independent personality of the film editor’s home and working space, as a collected, curated living space set in a modernized warehouse setting.

The location of the "Taipei-era residence" used to be a large camphor forest, and the syn-thetic resin celluloid, the product of camphor tree, was the main raw material of film and film, which was an important economic source for Taiwan's export to Europe, the United States and Japan in the 17th century.

According to the brand characteristics and regional history as the background, the design team will design the theme of the story: "Film Box", every beautiful moment exists in the time of the Film - "time slice", perfect record, for the future to appreciate repeatedly, at any time to recall. In the past, "film" exported to Hollywood in the United States was the proudest highlight of the local neighborhood. From the architect's design concept of "building block picture frame", the combination of architectural "picture frame" and interior "film" is a perfect combination of architecture and interior, from outside to inside.

Project Need

Indoor continuation of wood, iron, metal, and the use of water mold, and by using the level of the wood frame with light and shadow dancing, we we came up with the design concept of ' film show room', and in the 'film cassette‘ of Tapestry, guests can write the story together with us. ’

Large floor-to-ceiling Windows not only provide sufficient light, but also match light and shadow with the extended line feeling, which echoes with the film. The Lounge area next to the hall is decorated with a large number of decorations of film elements. No matter where you sit, the camera is pointing at you.

Across the hotel lobby at the top of the shutter digital image "624 fragments could" is Tai-wan's recent theatre people Sun jui hung Ruey - Horng (Sun), tailored for time flat digital creation, using slit scan technology (slit scan) to collect a lot of restaurants around image, the color of happiness: camphor trees of green, brick red, grain of rice white, tar the canvas of the blue, black, site of the yellow taxis, and most important, let people create meaning in the city. With a height of 8 meters and a span of 18 meters, the image is like a scroll painting. The images in the louvers can be micro or macro. The work combines urban primary colors with hotel theme colors to present the promise of the Taipei era residence and its surrounding neighborhood.

Design Challenge

Challenge comes from the requirement of clients, site conditions, etc. Due to globalisation, market background and the intensification of consumer demand, design is becoming more commodified as well. Therefore, it largely affect the design and its creativity. As a boutique hotel, and to protect brand genes of “Tapastry’, the design has to not only incorporate local history and culture, but also effectively support business behaviour.


The design of this project presents a core value of community and inclusiveness for global travellers. By creating a more community-oriented hotel offer the chance for the travellers and the local neighbourhoods come together to connect and create shared experience.

Also by designing the public space to a more welcoming, social and multi-functional space would bring more revenue for the hotel operator as well, as local people would more see it as a random cafe or restaurant to dine in.

Using the hotel as a platform between communities, travelers and neighbors can share together; Entrances and driveways are designed to retreat inside, the first floor is a lobby and cafe with high penetration and night care for the neighborhood, and the third floor is above for hotel rooms. Breaking with the traditional collection of residential forms, the interior design combined with the building itself can become the pride of the design capital of Taipei, forming a design interest between watching and being watched.

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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