Key Dates

12 February 2020 - Launch Deadline
17 September 2020 - Standard Deadline
9 February - Extended Deadline
11 February - Judging
18 February - Winners Announced
2 March - Awards Presentation

Image Credit : Dongfengyun Hotel Mile MGallery




Project Overview

Without a single steel bar or nail, this "utopia" built on red soil is completely composed of local red bricks and blends into nature.

The project is a MGallery hotel located in Dongfengyun Town, which is a unique folk town. DongfengYun Town is located in Mile, Yunnan Province. It is a small town featuring grape culture, natural scenery and cultural tourism. One of China’s most picturesque places and known as the ‘Provence of Yunnan’. The captivating DongFengYun Hotel Mi’Le - MGallery is a one-of-a-kind leisure destination in exotic southeastern Yunnan province. The art and culture infused storied hotel marks the first international premium hotel brand to open in the Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Region, a hidden gem in Yunnan Province.

The MGallery in Mi’le is situated within Dong Feng Yun Art Village, a scenic town designed by renowned Chinese master sculptor Luo Xu. Embraced by vineyards and lavender fields, the hotel is set amidst a cluster of distinctively surreal postmodern red brick castles built in harmony with the surrounding red soil land, lush forests, serene lake and mountains. Its curved walls and dynamic shapes pay tribute to the indigenous craft of pottery, winemaking traditions and flickering campfire flames from the area’s ethnic culture. The architecture rises like a dream – a fairy tale that beckons explorers into an exotic realm.

Hotel's vision is to define a new realm of stay experience that belongs to the body, heart, and soul.

Project Commissioner

Yunnan Urban & Rural Construction and Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Project Creator

Cheng Chung Design Hong Kong

Project Brief

The interior design of the project fully integrates the local culture and draws inspiration from the local characteristics and ethnic culture. The CCD team extracts the curved lines of the building and applies them to the entire interior space. Every article in the space is an artwork. The curved steel panel at the entrance leads guests to enter the interior, while adding an artistic touch to the space and evoking imagination as well.

The remarkable setting is the ideal backdrop for MGallery’s singular personality, with the hotel deeply rooted in the destination. Yunnan’s diverse ethnic groups including six minorities have imbued Mi’le with a melting pot of different art and craft styles, seen throughout the hotel.
DongFengYun Hotel Mi’Le - MGallery references the senses of light – including the use of natural light and design of interior lighting; sound – through the hotel lobby’s unique echoes; forms – in the curving red walls; and other internal and external design elements to reinforce the village’s artistic splendor harmoniously. The guestrooms are equipped with MGallery custom beddings and tailor made Ines de la Fressange amenities set. MGallery’s dedicated program featuring a selection of products, services and experiences designed by women for women. The room’s unique name and décor reflect local Yunnan , which underscores the hotel’s aesthetic, breathing life into the idea that art speaks through all; and inspiration enriches life.

Project Need

The preservation of art and the assimilation of The Times. With the progress of The Times and science and technology, people only emphasize the high degree of modernization, although the quality of life has been improved, but they feel that they have lost the tradition and lost the past. Gradually, people also yearn more and more for nature and return to nature. Desire to live in a natural green environment.

DongFengYun Hotel Mi’Le - MGallery breathes life to the concept of art igniting dialogues with nature to create inspiration for painting life’s joys.

Design Challenge

As this is a renovation project, it is impossible to intervene in the building where the indoor environment is located in the early stage, so the interior space can only be isolated and closed, which limits the design to a certain extent.


Without a single steel bar or nail, this "utopia" built on red soil is completely composed of local red bricks and blends into nature.

The interior space extends the natural curves of the exteriors, characterized by large-span arches and lofty ceilings. Round openings are carved out on roofs, in order to let daylight filter in. Natural light sources throughout the building are evenly distributed, and people in it can feel the interplay of daylight and cloud shadows.

By building multi-sensory experiences, we can design interiors that will resonate with everyone. These rooms and Spaces connect us to nature, which is a proven way to motivate us, increase our productivity and create greater happiness. From the actual function, that is, according to the existing structure of the building or space combined with its function to complete the design,

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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