Key Dates

12 February 2020 - Launch Deadline
17 September 2020 - Standard Deadline
9 February - Extended Deadline
11 February - Judging
18 February - Winners Announced
2 March - Awards Presentation


Project Overview

As a starting point for the design, the design team takes into account the elegant life attitude and exquisite interests and preferences of the male and female clients. They create a functional and aesthetic residence. In particular, the team merges the professional image of the female clients on art work with the residential space. Combined with the concept of space art, the team sophisticatedly applies flowing lines to create the aesthetics in the residence, and they cleverly adopted multiple and different materials, naturally presenting the texture of the materials in the space and creating modern aesthetic style residences.

Project Commissioner

Conflux Design

Project Creator

Conflux Design



Project Brief

With warm gray and white space tones, the designers highlight the meticulous material changes, and express the delicate emotions in the space. They select blue crystal marble on the back of the main wall of the living room sofa, using natural texture of the crystal to create an image like water ripples, echoing the oil painting art wall of the entrance and adding richness through the delicate luster of titanium-plated metal caulking. When entering the center, it connects the corridors of the bedrooms. With the neatly divided walls with light gray leather panels and the overhead projection lamps, the corridor becomes a complete and unique art space. The rest of the space is closely related to this concept, including the brown glass cabinets in the restaurant, leather and titanium-plated wall panels or bookcases. Although there aren’t artworks in the space, it implicitly presents the textures and meticulous construction methods. To cope with the male client’s need of dealing with business at home, the open study room is built. Whether it is network connection planning, a large video screen in the front, a bookcase for display and storage at the rear, the team designs custom storage space for all business equipment. In addition to adequate functions, the designers adopt wave-shaped panels and arrange indirect lighting to create a unique and elegant background for the bookcase, allowing the male client to feel the aesthetic atmosphere in the video conference at home and accelerate work efficiency and results.

Project Need

The residence has spacious floor area in this project, and the public and private spheres are clearly divided. From a dark-toned welcoming porch in the public spheres, the floor is covered with rendered marble. The customizable oil painting is composed of smooth lines as the first scene in the room. With the image of the flowing water, it implies essence of art in the flow of life. The colors of the space ingeniously change from dark to bright, transforming the sense of space when entering from the living room to the entrance, while creating a spacious and multilayer effect. The use of a marble room divider divides the living room and the male client’s study room, which distinguishes the areas of leisure and business. Thus, clients can make good use of the space without interference. The designers turn the direction of the sofa in the living room to connect with the entrance and business district, so the place is spacious and has great traffic flows.

Design Challenge

The female client who is engaged in art work has the high standards in color system and visual aesthetics in the interior. Thus, the team has patience in listening needs of clients and has good communication with them. With meticulous material textures, the space not only shows the comfort of living, but also merges function with beauty, which is the core challenge and difficulty in this project.


The designers not only emphasize the establishment of beauty and artistry in residence, but also adhere to the original intention of "people-oriented" in terms of actual life, so they construct a functional and eco-friendly environment. The designers adopt eco-friendly panels that are higher than the regulatory certification as building materials in this project and they adhere to the use of environmentally friendly bamboo charcoal paint to achieve the goal of non-toxic and healthy space.
From the three levels of concepts, construction methods and the use of materials, the designers focus on the issue of environmental protection and residential health.
Moreover, with a solid and rigorous process, the team creates a durable, healthy and sustainable living environment.

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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