Key Dates

12 February - Launch Event
17 September - Standard Deadline
8 December - Late Deadline
11 February 2021 - Judging
18 February 2021 - Winners Announced
2 March 2021 - Awards Presentation

Image Credit : Wu Licheng / Tan xiao

Project Overview

The project covers an area of 12,000 square meters, with a construction area of about 4,000 square meters. This remould project can be defined as the overall architectural environment project, regard as a place for vacation and leisure, defined as a mountain land resort hotel.
Having a wide view of the landscape is the biggest feature of the site, you can overlook the whole ancient city of xi 'an from here, the splendid sunset view.

Project Commissioner

Guangzhou Huiyimingcheng Architectural Design Co.,Ltd

Project Creator

Guangzhou Huiyimingcheng Architectural Design Co.,Ltd


Wu Licheng / Chen HuaDe / Yan LiHua / Huang LiPing / Wu XiaoMing

Project Brief

Located in the middle of the white deer plain in Xi 'an, China. Undertake the best viewing platform and natural scenery. Defined as a mountain land resort hotel . The project is an overall remould plan, including architecture, planning, environmental landscape, also add some individual buildings and public facilities.
The main building is demolished and only concrete frame structure is retained. Take advantage of the characteristics of the terrain and the falling height between the top layer of the main body and the ground,to build a highly visual impact of the tin box dimension. To form strong contrast with the architecture framework, highlight the material application and dimensions of the building, changes of light and shadow, and also the rhythm of space level, as well as the scale change of the relationship between human and architecture.
The guest room area creates two open shared inner courtyards in the original enclosed space. A corridor is in the courtyard runs across it, form a shared space in an independent guest room area, some rooms have private courtyard and unique vertical lighting. The exterior of the main part of the guest room is added with a long corridor what appears to be bamboo building structure, create a vertical spatial scale, experience the wonderful scale change of time through the light and shadow of bamboo. Light and shadow are combined with atomizer, create a very zen philosophical humanistic feelings.

Project Innovation/Need

The material used in the renovation of the building, for example, the steel plate building volume, space construction, the sense of rhythm about light and shadow.

Design Challenge

The metal plate material is applied to the building appearance, the sustainable circulation of building materials, and the overall coordination of building space transformation with environmental conditions.


Most of the materials used for outdoor environment and indoor space are the materials removed from the original building. Most of the materials used for outdoor environment and indoor space are made of the materials removed from the original building and reused. The overall design concept advocates environmental protection, saves the natural ecology, controls the cost to the greatest extent. Return to the original spirit and context of architectural concept.
We chose brown and gray for the use of color on the exterior of the building, try to eliminate the strong color contrast of mountain and the building appearance to achieve visual balance. Inside the courtyard, we used white to increase the reflection of sunlight, make the space more transparent and bright. Part of the building facades and courtyards are made of recycled materials.

This award celebrates the design process and product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations. Consideration given for material selection, technology, light and shadow. 
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