Project Overview

The owner advocates the loft style and relaxation of nature, designer then fuses it with the advantage of space which leads in the sunlight and spatial permeability. Therefore, dwellers can feel as if in the embrace of nature, quite, comfortable and vibrant vitality. The designer uses natural materials and presents the largest scale of space. The advantage of space is the highlight through minor adjustment into opened-space to lead in views and sunlight. The 45°beveled design solved the problem of space wasting caused by corner. The abundant wooden materials, together with naked ceiling and loft style, created comfortable space which conform dweller’s needs.


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Project Brief

This project is situated beside the park, therefore it has beautiful views, and sunlight can be brought in by three directions. However, the improper structure of previous design caused the inadequate of sunlight for the house. Designer reformed the structure by removing the wall of an extra room, and turned it into an open-study-room. The owner is a loft style lover, therefore designer then implemented loft style into the design with an opened public domain, visualized pipeline on the ceiling and wooden materials with natural texture.

Project Innovation/Need

The client of this project is working in technology industry but he is looking forward to having relaxation and leisure as if in nature. Designer then uses primitive country situation as inspiration, makes use of natural materials as the main element, and presents the largest scale of space.

Design Challenge

Under the premise of not changing structure, designer uses 45°beveled design to solve the wasting space caused by corner, at the same time maintain the smooth flow between two bedrooms and a washroom. Moreover, the distorted corner is then used for storage. All of the doors had been changed into the same height as the ceiling and cabinet, so that the vision can be widen and extended.


This project aims to provide comfortable and healthy interior residential space to reach the sustainable living of human and the mother Earth. The designer has smartly removed one extra room to improve the air ventilation and convection as well as natural lighting. The implementing of LED lighting facilities, plastic aluminum shutter has helped to decrease the interior room temperature and reach the energy saving low carbon effect. The wooden veneer materials of the cabinets are made of non-endangered tree species. The surface is already painted before sending to the site and this has helped to reduce environmental pollution. The antique greyish green brick wall of the interior is made of the recycled clay bricks from the old building, thus, reduces the environmental waste and destructions. Besides, it also helps to decorate the space while adjust the humidity of the space as well as adsorb the harmful substances in the air. The uncovered ceiling has helped to reduce the budget for renovation whereas the whole rooms are painted with water-based environmentally-friendly paint brush without chemical solvent which avoid to affect the health of the dwellers.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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