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Better Health Channel for Android [DRAFT]



Silver Winner 

Project Overview

The Better Health Channel app helps users take control of their health and wellbeing anytime and anywhere.

The latest version of the Better Health Channel Android app includes a complete refresh of the user interface using Material Design conventions. The results is a more intuitive experience for users by providing context and cues that are subtle but grounded by the rules of physics, while being open to imagination and delight.

Project Commissioner

Department of Health and Human Services (Victoria)

Project Creator

Outware Mobile

Silver Winner 


Outware Mobile
Better Health Channel

Project Brief

Since 1999 the Better Health Channel (www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au) has helped Australians achieve the best possible health and wellbeing through various stages of life. Content in the Better Health app is developed by the Department of Health and Human Services (Victoria) in consultation with over 200 content partners and is reviewed by subject matter experts as part of a rigorous quality assurance approval process. Information is evidence based and reflects current best practice.

The site has consistently been ranked Australia's No.1 health and medical information website and was awarded the best Medical app at the 2012 Australian Mobile Awards and best Nutrition and Diet app at the 2013 Australian Mobile Awards.

In 2015, the Department of Health and Human Services (Victoria) commissioned Outware Mobile to redesign the Android user interface in line with Google’s new Material Design guidelines. The new user interface is designed to be a more intuitive experience that leverages the familiar while still creating new and delightful interactions to better engage users.

Project Need

Mobile is growing and changing at an exponential rate. New technologies are being made available every day and existing platforms continue to innovate and enhance their offerings; Take Google’s Material Design and Apple’s 3D Touch as examples. Through all this change, users are continuously evolving the way they interact with mobile products, as well as their expectations when it comes to user experience. Organisations need to continue to update their mobile products in line with industry standards and user expectations, to stay relevant and effective.

The underlying philosophy of Google’s Material Design is that material is grounded in a tactile reality. The use of familiar tactile attributes helps users to quickly understand how objects move, interact and exist in space in relation to each other. Hierarchy, meaning and focus are communicated through the use of colour, imagery and typography. Motion, feedback and transitions are coherent and appropriate to context. In summary, Material Design creates a more intuitive experience for users by providing context and cues that are subtle but grounded by the rules of physics, while being open to imagination and magic.

Android users become familiar with new standards conventions very quickly, since Google applies these design principles to its own apps such as Gmail, Google Play, Google Drive, etc. The design of the new Better Health Channel Android app leverages Material Design conventions to deliver an up-to-date and more intuitive mobile experience that users expect.

User Experience

The Better Health Channel Android app is designed with an intuitive user interface that delivers a simple but fast and logical flow of information to users.

The visual design of the app was made to leverage the Better Health Channel branding and to be consistent with the iOS app, whilst making use of the following:
? Android conventions and user experience guidelines (Material Design)
? User research findings about consumer health information preferences
? Extensive market research into best in class health and medical apps
? A robust and seamless front and back end technical integration

Users love the app and it has a 4.7 star rating on the Google Play Store. The Better Health Channel Android app also recently won a Gold award in the Mobile Apps - Health & Wellness category at the International W3 Awards; it was the only mobile app to win Gold in Australia.

Project Marketing

The Better Health Channel app is promoted to the high levels of traffic on the Better Health Channel website, including dedicated landing pages. It is also promoted on the Better Health Channel social media sites including Facebook, which has over 14,000 likes, and Twitter, with over 26,000 followers.

Currently the app has a 4.7 star rating on the Google Play store.

Project Privacy

Consistent with Victorian Government policy and legislation, the Department of Health endorses fair information handling practices and uses of information in compliance with its obligations under the Information Privacy Act 2000 (Vic) and the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic). Any information provided, including identification of individuals, will be used only for the purpose/s intended and where the intention includes confidentiality, information will be treated as such unless otherwise required by law.

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