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Coles Mobile Wallet [DRAFT]





Project Overview

The Coles Mobile Wallet is a holistic solution that provides customers with a convenient and secure way to access internet banking and account management on their mobile phones, whilst also allowing users to pay and scan their flybuys card all on their smartphone. This new product positions Coles as an innovative leader in financial services technology, being the first app to combine rewards with mobile payment.

Project Commissioner

Coles Financial Services

Project Creator

Outware Mobile


Coles Financial Services & Outware Mobile

Project Brief

The Coles Mobile Wallet is a complete solution for Coles Credit Card customers. By bringing their financial services offering to mobile, Coles is ensuring that customers enjoy the smart way to pay that’s quick, secure, and simple to use. Plus, it’s free.

The new Coles Mobile Wallet consists of a Coles Pay Tag that lets customers pay with their phone and the Coles Credit Card App that keeps track of purchases for convenience and control.

The app features:
- Secure login and simple 4 digit access code set-up
- Quick available credit preview
- Dashboard for easy access to various features
- Statements and transactions
- flybuys login
- Access to special offers

Project Need

The Coles Mobile Wallet is the first of its kind. By combining paywave technology with flybuys rewards, and an intuitive and secure banking app, the Coles Mobile Wallet becomes a complete solution for managing Coles Credit Cards.

In addition to this, the Coles Mobile Wallet makes it easier for customers to manage their accounts by providing them with their credit card account as well as their flybuys in the same place, with live transaction data anywhere, anytime. Users can also view and activate special offers while at the supermarket and make the most out of their Coles Credit Cards and flybuys rewards.

Coles has seen a significant increase in account logins since app launch, demonstrating the success and popularity of the product. The app also has over 2700 downloads in the first two days and is rated 4.5 stars on both the App Store and 5 stars on Google Play.

User Experience

The apps have been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, in compliance with best practice standards according to iOS and Android user experience guidelines. The results of user testing the wireframes and visual designs were fed back into the design process, resulting in an improved user experience in the final product, saving time in development. The final product has a beautiful user interface and is a pleasure to use, ensuring the app is a positive and quality reflection of the Coles brand.

User reviews:
"Great app. Simple, convenient app, needed this so I can check credit card and flybuys on the go."

"I love this app! It makes accessing my account so easy. I love that I can see my available credit & flybuys points without having to log on. Great job on your first credit card app Coles!"

"Excellent. Love it, been waiting a long time for this one and it is well worth the wait. The quick view is an excellent addition. Also very easy to set up."

Project Marketing

The Coles Mobile Wallet has been heavily promoted in the media, as well as in every Coles store across Australia.

The app featured on A Current Affairs on Channel 9 and was mentioned in technology websites such as Lifehacker, Financial Review and iT News.

The app specifically delivers what no other Australian financial services app delivers, building on feedback from user testing and best practice user experience design to create a useful and effective product.

With over 2700 users in just the first two days after launch, as well as a 4.5 star rating in the App Store and a 5 star rating in Google Play, the app is clearly a success amongst its user base.

Project Privacy

The Coles Mobile Wallet app is developed according to best practice guidelines when it comes to privacy and security. Code quality and security is a strong focus for Coles in the development of the Coles Mobile Wallet app. Appropriate unit test coverage, as well as code quality metrics are used to ensure the app adheres to best practice coding conventions. The app has also been designed with the highest level of security in mind, with features such as dynamic lockout and secure session management. The app has undergone rigorous testing and passed industry standard security tests, such as HP Fortify.

The category relates to applications developed to facilitate the transfer of funds over the mobile platform.
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