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Leadbolt Mobile App Monetisation Platform [DRAFT]






Project Overview

Through the delivery of two innovative initiatives, Leadbolt has advanced its already industry leading app-discovery and monetization platform into new areas of development. Leadbolt allows mobile app-developers to easily promote their apps, acquire quality users and increase profitability with a single unified SDK. In addition, it allows advertisers the ability to leverage the widest variety of advanced mobile ad-units under one roof creating a high level of discovery, engagement, conversion and return. Leadbolt delivers 5 billion ads a month across 65,000 apps in over 150 countries. Leadbolt is privately held and headquartered in Sydney and LA.




Various members from across the Tech, Product, Marketing and Sales departments

Project Brief

Through a steady stream of new ad format technologies and innovation, we are relentlessly committed to delivering results for our app developer and mobile marketer clients. Our brand promise is to:

• Deliver higher earnings to app publishers and provide them with an effective, app discovery network to grow their user base.

• Deliver better response rates to advertisers, surpassing industry performance norms.

• Attract high-quality mobile users to apps
Our non-incentivized environment filters for quality, yielding higher Lifetime Values (LTVs) and higher profitabilty for our clients. Rather than being lured by incentives, users engage in ads based on sincere interest in content and thus, demonstrate a higher loyalty and higher in-app purchase frequency than incentivized users.

• Provide the largest variety of in-app mobile ad formats
Our goal is to help app developers and marketers captivate mobile users by leveraging the entire app-usage-cycle, combined with dynamic ad-serving capability. Leadbolt’s variety of innovative advertising formats allow clients to target consumers upon app ENTRY, during ENGAGEMENT and after EXIT to help the app realize its full monetization potential, as well as deliver an engagement experience users will enjoy.

Our dynamic ad-serving technology ensures the best ad is displayed to the right audience, in the best format through advanced targeting algorithms, and a customer-focused interface with real-time reporting. Our technology delivers highly targeted marketing that users appreciate and respond to.

Project Need

This year, Leadbolt proudly achieved two strategic and innovative initiatives, answering specific needs from our clients and addressing deficiencies in the industry:

1) Building on the rock-solid foundation of app discovery and monetisation for which Leadbolt is known, we listened to extensive feedback from our many beta publisher partners to bring to market the Next Generation Mobile Ad platform! Re-engineered from the ground up, the revamp of our publisher-focused app monetisation platform introduces enhanced tools and features, extended capabilities and an overall better, more effective design -- all of which have proven to streamline and strengthen publisher performance.

2) We launched Leadbolt Connect, The Next Generation Direct Deal Marketplace -- a fully-transparent mobile advertising exchange platform where app publishers can connect to a myriad of ad campaign offerings, view associated details and instantly activate desired campaigns with the best fit. Both advertisers and publishers can also connect and run private deals in a fully-managed environment. Offering more transparency, flexibility and control than traditional blind-networks, with a focus on delivering better quality than RTB platforms, Leadbolt Connect is the answer to a more efficient and effective app monetization platform.

For publishers, Leadbolt’s direct deal marketplace is a transparent platform and first of its kind to accept all app categories, including Games, Entertainment, Utility, Social, Music, Health, Photo & Video apps and more. For advertisers, Leadbolt Connect offers access to fully-transparent global inventory.

User Experience

For app-developers, platform efficiency and speed of integration are key to effectively monetising apps and generating returns. That’s why we took steps to optimise our platform’s efficiency, starting with design. We not only modernised the look and feel of our brand aesthetically, but we designed a better user experience. Better design delivers better outcomes. We re-considered every aspect of the mobile advertising process, looking for ways to optimise efficiency and speed. By making the platform more intuitive, easier to use, and introducing more benefits, our developer clients can achieve ROI more efficiently, and are truly set up for success in the free mobile app-economy.

We also looked at creative ways to give developers more control over who they partner with, the campaigns they run, and the revenue they can expect. Leadbolt Connect, our Direct Deal Marketplace, is the first of its kind to accept all app categories – not just Games. Via Leadbolt Connect, publishers can connect with like-minded app-developers to discover new partners, grow their user base, and monetise their apps – on their own terms. Publishers who prefer to be hands-on, can forge new direct relationships, gain more control over their returns and proactively manage in-app campaign activity.

This makes our customers happy:

"Awesome eCPM and support from Leadbolt.”-Barry Wyckoff-Maker of Stay In The Line (#1 Game-globally).
"Best platform, best support. What else do you need?"-Dane Homenick-Maker of Better Fonts Free (#1 globally-iOS).

Project Marketing

User engagement is the cornerstone of mobile in-app advertising. Our portfolio of mobile ad-formats, ad-serving technology and the analytics tools developed to track campaign performance, were all designed with the end-user experience and engagement in mind.
In fact, our campaigns consistently achieve an average click-through-rate that consistently outperform industry norms. (US SDK traffic):
•Mobile banner: 2.8%
•Rich Media: 4.7%
•Interstitial: 6.4%
•Offer wall: 9.2%
•In-App Alerts: 3.0%
•Audio Ads: 27%
•Floating Ad: 6.6%

Take a look at how Leadbolt campaigns perform for our Advertiser and Publisher clients:

Liquid Wireless (Advertiser), promoted their famous Publisher Clearing House “$1 Million a Year” Sweepstakes using Leadbolt Audio Ads. In one month, our Audio Ads delivered immediate results, surpassing industry norms and exceeding expectations:
•Daily impressions increased by 29%!
•Daily clicks increased by 328%!
•Total daily conversions increased by 142%!

Skippy Apps (Publisher), makers of popular Android game app, Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D, used Leadbolt’s powerful entry interstitials to boost user engagement and drastically increase earnings,
•$6-$7 eCPMs in Tier 1 countries

Hungama, makers of a free music app on iOS and Android, drove app installs using a combination of Leadbolt banners, interstitials and text ads. In just 7 days, Leadbolt ads generated over 100,000 clicks on Android devices and over 50,000 clicks on iOS devices. 1.1 million clicks and nearly 55k installs received on Android and iOS in India – and achieved all below their budgeted target CPI!

Project Privacy

Since opening its doors in 2010, Leadbolt has taken a clear stand to protect users’ privacy and their ability to exercise control over the use of his or her information.

As well as implementing industry best practice standards in terms of data protection, user anonymity, minimizing the data that is collected, used and stored, and ensuring strict codes for children’s data, Leadbolt has also teamed up with the Communications Law Centre (CLC) at the University of Technology, Sydney to develop a mobile commerce standard.

Beginning in 2012, the research partnership has looked into the framework of the m-commerce industry worldwide to establish best practice legislation, codes of conduct, industry standards and market regulation.

The CLC-Leadbolt partnership was formed to largely focus on consumer rights and protection strategies, such as denying advertisers from accessing personal and sensitive consumer information for targeted ads.

Being headquartered in Australia has been a huge advantage for Leadbolt in the area of Privacy as Australia has some of the strictest privacy regulation in the world which has been a great starting point for us to launch our efforts.

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