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Quest microPay - Mobile EFTPOS for Smartphones & Tablets [DRAFT]






Project Overview

microPay, a compact, mobile EFTPOS companion for Smartphones, Tablets and traditional fixed POS systems.

microPay allows acceptance of credit/debit card payments there and then! No paper invoices, no cheques, no delay! Whether you mow lawns or have a market stall, microPay gives your business an on-the-go method to process secure card payments.

Using microPay is easy – enter the amount you wish to be paid by your customer into the microPay app on your Smartphone or Tablet, process the transaction on the microPay device, and issue the customer receipt by email or SMS. It’s that simple!


Quest Payment Systems


Quest consists of a highly experienced, multidisciplinary team of Electronics engineers, Software engineers, Systems engineers, Product designers and Marketing specialists. The microPay project was born from the need to offer a convenient method for mobile businesses to take secure card payments.

Project Brief

The microPay app needed to provide the simplicity of a traditional ‘standalone’ EFTPOS terminal and connect to Quest’s pocket sized EFTPOS device using next generation Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

The microPay app also needed to connect seamlessly with Quest’s ‘Cloud EFTPOS’ payment platform, providing an enterprise app management and transaction reporting portal for customers.

It was imperative that historical transaction receipts be viewed by the merchant, and that receipts could be printed to a Bluetooth, WiFi or Air-print printer. Additionally, the app should provide the ability to email or SMS receipts directly from the app to the customer.

Bluetooth pairing between the microPay device and the microPay app needed to be robust and seamless. To ensure the user experience was completely self-contained, it was desirable that Bluetooth pairing be completed within the microPay app without going into the mobile device’s operating system.

Finally, to ensure that the app is available to the widest cross section of Australian merchants, it was essential to accredit with all major Australian banks and be available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

Project Need

Businesses need to be mobile like never before. Be it on the retail shop floor, at a restaurant table or when repairing a sink, businesses now need mobile tools to serve their customers efficiently. However, taking secure card payments has always been a limitation, with wireless EFTPOS terminals being bulky and expensive.

Now with the increasing penetration of smart phones, Quest saw an opportunity to develop an innovative Smartphone app that pairs with a secure Chip & PIN with Contactless device to provide a complete card acceptance solution for mobile merchants (the end-user of the app).

Now merchants can take payment wherever their customer is. No more issuing invoices and chasing payment later – just process the customer’s card when the job is done. This improves cash flow for businesses, reduces workload, reduces errors and also helps reduce the amount of cash a business needs to bank.

Combine with that the ease of issuing digital receipts via SMS and email and it becomes evident that the Quest microPay solution allows businesses to get paid quickly and easily, allowing them to concentrate on what makes their business great.

User Experience

Merchants (the end-user of the app) are provided with a simple method to complete card payments, processing a transaction in just 3 easy steps:

1. Enter the amount you wish to charge the customer into the app. Just like a calculator, you can add and subtract amounts to reach the final amount due.

2. Hand the microPay to your customer and microPay will prompt them to insert or tap their card. If required, the customer will select their account and enter their PIN. The merchant can monitor the customer’s transaction progress within the app, which is important to allow the merchant to assist the customer should they have any difficulty.

3. The bank will process the transaction, with a response sent to the microPay app advising if the transaction has been approved or declined. Transaction complete!

Receipt's can be sent directly to a customer’s phone via SMS, email or optionally print a receipt on an approved Bluetooth, WiFi or Airprint printer.

The user also has access to historical receipts, enabling them to resend or reprint receipts should it be required.

Additionally, a variety of diagnostic and banking settlement tools are provided within the microPay app. This ensures supportability of the solution, including troubleshooting should the merchant call with an issue.

Across the board, all interactions are designed to be intuitive and to give both the merchant and the customer a simple, transparent and secure transaction experience.

Project Marketing

The marketing strategy for microPay is to educate potential buyers as to how microPay can complement and grow their business. The strategy is multi-channel, with many forms of media being used to spread the microPay message.

Quest has promoted both B2B and B2C marketing campaigns and has promoted using print, radio and online media.

Our print media campaign targeted a wide range of potential users through Inflight Magazines with many major airlines. This channel ensured that a wide cross range of people would be exposed to the product and directed to learn more online.

Quest has also conducted radio advertising with carefully crafted story lines specifically targeted at particular industry verticals ie service industries, retail and hospitality.

Quest has also created a micro website specifically for the microPay solution ensuring potential customers get all the information in one easy to read and understand location.

As microPay has also been white labelled by a number of major financial institutions, Quest has partnered with these organisations in joint promotional activities, including videos, press releases and launch functions.

Project Privacy

microPay follows best practices for privacy of both merchants (the end-user of the app) and their customers.

For payment applications, the security and privacy of user information is of utmost importance. Merchant banking details must be kept secure, and the transfer of information during customer card swipes, inserts or taps, is subject to rigorous local and international security requirements.

microPay uses industry standard end-to-end encryption between the microPay payment device and the bank to ensure the security and privacy of all information provided by a customer.

Merchant details are never shared with any 3rd parties for advertising, or any other reasons aside than to fulfill the microPay and Cloud Eftpos service. Merchants can rest assured that their personal details are stored securely on our Cloud Eftpos platform and only used to ensure that their banking needs are successfully met.

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