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Project Overview

iNotice assists care workers and family carers in the early identification of risk factors associated with safe medicines use in a home environment. What makes this app unique is the way this information is delivered by spinning the wheel. This simple gesture encourages the user to keep spinning the wheel and to tap on the content, thus providing users with additional knowledge and skills for information sharing with all of the client’s care team (e.g nurses, GPs, pharmacists).

Project Commissioner

NSW Community Services and Health ITAB

Project Creator

Fuse Mobile


Fuse Mobile is a boutique, medium sized studio with a talented team of people that have worked together on a number of diverse and exciting projects over a number of years.

The iNotice team consisted of:

Project Leader - Paul
Lead Developer - Walter
iOS Developer - Camilo
Android Developer - Stephen
UX / Graphic Designer - Cristina

Project Brief

iNotice is a free, easy to use app designed for care workers and caregivers working to a care plan supporting a person to stay safely in a home environment. iNotice will assist to heighten awareness of a variety of signs and symptoms that may be linked to a person’s medication management. The app supports the early recognition of indicators and provides relevant prompts. For care workers there is additional guidance about what action may be taken within their scope of practice and organisation’s policies and procedures.

iNotice includes an iPractice feature which comprises realistic home care scenarios to encourage app practice to learn more about common signs and symptoms and the appropriate actions needed.

Project Need

The care worker or family carers are usually the first people to notice any signs that a person may be unwell. These people are not medically trained, however they perform an invaluable service in assisting people to stay safe in their home environment.

The app was designed so that busy care workers and families can use the guide as a fast resource for detecting any unusual signs / symptoms a person may be displaying. The sections were colour coded into three sections for care workers Notice | Think | Report and two sections for Family Carers - Notice | Think.

The way the user accesses this information is to spin the wheel which displays a number of common symptoms and conditions. The wheel is an intuitive way to display information and to make the app interactive and an enjoyable user experience.

User Experience

The first insights were on understanding the users job role and their experience in using technology. We realised how busy and stretched they are in their working and daily lives and how many have had limited experience of using apps or technology in their work.

The idea of using a wheel to access this info was first to simplify how we display the categories at a glance. The wheel idea elegantly provided the right solution by being simple to use and needing no training or prior knowledge on how to use the app or action the information. The next box to tick was to make something interactive and enjoyable to use, so the user may decide to self educate themselves on some of the common issues their clients or family may be facing in managing their medication and health issues.

The user experience has been tested extensively with users and received a glowing endorsement on what a great, compact resource this is for people to find the information they require quickly and efficiently.

The app also provides users with additional knowledge and skills for information sharing with all of the client’s care team (e.g nurses, GPs, pharmacists).

Project Marketing

NSW ITAB have promoted the app to care workers via a national media release.

The app is also a vital component of the iNotice Professional Development Program and Resources.

The resources have been designed to be used in their entirety to ensure maximum outcomes for aged care community workers, coordinators, service providers and the clients.

The app has been rolled out and made available to care workers and the general public by being free to download on both the Apple app store and Google Play.

Project Privacy

The app has been set up as such to avoid the need to sign in or register with NSW ITAB. User confidentially is therefore not an issue and the app has been designed to be quick to use and easy to start using the resources available.

This category recognises applications developed for all levels of government services.
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