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Project Overview

Using a rapid, agile and collaborative approach alongside Maxxia (MMSG), HeathWallace Australia designed and developed a mobile website that would enable new and existing customers to access Maxxia's range of products and services from their mobile devices.

The enablement of the mobile channel for Maxxia seeks to encourage enquiries to their sales team through use of helpful, bite-size information and tools that drive engagement with the Maxxia range of products and services.

Project Commissioner

McMillan Shakespeare Group

Project Creator

HeathWallace Australia


Program Delivery Manager - Jerry Qin
Head of CX and General Manager - Homaxi Irani
Creative Lead - Travis White
User Experience Consultant: Phil Clayton
Backend Developer: Faihou Ze
Backend Developer: Dod Zu

Project Brief

HeathWallace Australia was engaged by Maxxia to create a mobile optimised website, with the intention of maximising lead generation through mobile channels. This need arose when Maxxia identified a number of key journeys that target-end users undertook when visiting the site on their mobile devices.

Project objectives and timelines were met with a rapid and effective turnaround; to quickly produce and iterate from initial research, sketches, wireframes and design, through to technical build.

The finished result is a usable, useful and engaging experience for Maxxia's mobile customers.

Project Need

HeathWallace took a user-centred design approach to the project, conducting rounds of research, iterative design and testing to ensure that the designs met (and exceeded) user needs. The project adopted a rapid, lean design approach working with design sprint cycles and showcases to client in two week iterations.

User Experience

By conducting user and stakeholder research, we found that mobile users felt they would benefit from being able to calculate lease repayments and salary packaging options on their phones - despite the fact these are fairly complex financial products.

The mobile site simplifies and distils Maxxia products in useful ways e.g. an employee of a Maxxia-affiliated company can use the site to help them decide whether to buy a new car, and do this quickly and comprehensively enough to give them a trustworthy answer while they're standing in the car-lot talking to the salesman.

Identifying key triggers and scenarios for use cases of the Maxxia mobile site, such as the above, was a key component in defining scope of the project.

HeathWallace also reviewed existing intelligence to inform the discovery and definition phase including:
- Quantitative & qualitative feedback from Maxxia sales staff and call centres
- Customer profiling focusing on the end consumer
- Competitor snapshot - who are the key competitors and what is their baseline digital presence
- Examining Maxxia website analytics to determine usage and traffic from mobile devices

Understanding the pain/delight points as we mapped out user pathways helped to inform the IA, wireframes and requirements of editorial content, general information, use of tools such as calculators and to flesh out opportunities to enhance the experience of the site for a mobile platform.

Project Marketing

The marketing strategy was based on insights that revealed that with use of mobile increasing, and the make-up of our audience, large proportion of customers are not desk-bound workers, but use mobile at work (eg. Nurses, or DIDO/FIFO sectors). The strategy was to provide simplified, bite-size information that would help guide and educate customers in a couple of minutes, and encourage a call back at the first available opportunity (eg. lunch-break).

The mobile site was built for the customer persona who had limited time to access detailed information (such as that which was available on the desktop site), and tools that support their need for basic product information to help them make a decision to contact Maxxia.

The mobile site also supports Maxxia's B2B client base in terms of enabling greater access for their employees to access information about their benefits offered.

In doing so the site targets the B2C and B2B strategies for Maxxia.

This category relates to applications that provide financial information and tools.
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