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BodyWise [DRAFT]







Project Overview

BodyWise is a health and fitness tracking app that makes tracking more interesting and motivating. It syncs with your Fitbit or Jawbone UP, bringing that data into your health and fitness dashboard. Match that with the 40+ health & fitness metrics that you can track and BodyWise discovers a better path to living healthier and more energetic.




Myself - Co-Founder/CEO

Mike has a background in entrepreneurship, having founded and sold a number of businesses by the age of 25. He runs day to day operations at BodyWise and designed the app.

A keen (but average) soccer player and avid runner, he’s always been curious about his performance and would always be the guy at pre-season training scribbling down his running times and trying to beat them next week.

David Banks - Co-Founder/Product Trainer (PT)

David Banks is the owner of Step Into Life personal training (Lilydale) and co-founder of BodyWise. He’s an advocate of group outdoor training and coaches enterprise on wellness in the workplace.

His days are spent training his 40+ members morning and night while he moves indoors to bring his immense health & fitness knowledge to BodyWise during the day.

Simon Coulton - Chief Engineer

We pinched Simon from the world of freelance app development having seen a fitness app that he made and released on his own.

Simon is our tech lead, creating our API, implementing our algorithms, managing our servers and turning our ideas into a beautiful mobile app that you love to use.

Project Brief

We started out with a simple app to track the things about our health & fitness that other apps didn't allow. That was things like bicep measurements, my mood, productivity or body fat percentage.

Working closely with users early on taught us that tracking is extremely valuable but not enough. The novelty can wear off from seeing the same data over and over again. If Dave had all of that data available to him as a personal trainer, his scientific and physical performance knowledge would lead him to offering dozens of training ideas and guiding the client through that lifestyle improvement.

We wanted to boil that down into algorithms that analzye the data to recognise areas of improvement and then a training engine to deliver and guide the user through losing weight, feeling healthier or simply sleeping better.

Project Need

We're tackling the enormous challenge of using technology and wearables in-particular to gather and interpret data and analyze that in the background to do what a personal trainer, nutritionist or lifestyle coach does, for a fraction of the cost.

In the short-term, it's to make FitBit and Jawbone UP users find their wearables more useful by using their data in new innovative ways.

Looking at our larger goals, it's to make tens of millions of people healthier with a algorithmic training engine that delivers you personalised training according to your activity, nutrition and lifestyle habits and adjusts to how you interact with training over time. That's with BodyWise PT, our soon to be released $8/mo training program.

User Experience

The user opens the app into a dashboard of their health & fitness. With a FitBit or Jawbone UP (and soon to be through their iPhone via the M7 chip), they immediately see data,

Since launching the new BodyWise 3-4 weeks ago, we've planned further refinements that go beyond a nice design and go into fine-tuning the user experience.

The UI delivers an experience that is motivating and uplifting through the use of positive colours, simple language and elegant fonts.

Each area of your health has its own colour representing that area, bringing a visual language to your healths data points.

Rather than take you through five screens to log your data, you see your current data on your home screen and updating manual data is only one screen away.

Project Marketing

We are focusing on building a sense of community amongst app users, engaging with media as leaders in the movement towards better fitness data science and providing context to the users data.

Our product has some natural virality in that you are able and encouraged to choose a friend or family member to become a training partner and join you on a health kick.

Project Privacy

We have strong data security and overdeveloped that side of our app including our API security reviews and in particular a clear privacy policy that we spent a lot of time developing that outlines how we deal with such a large amount of data.

That policy can be seen here --> http://www.bodywiseapp.com/privacy-policy/

How health & fitness ecosystems handle data privacy is incredibly important for the users and the industry. Being up front that it won't be used and sold to advertisers and outline why we collect for so much data and how it is used to provide value to them is something at the heart of how we operate as a business.

Applicable to all Apps themed around fitness activities, nutrition and diet including services, instructional, trackers, counters, guides and workouts. 
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