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HelloLocal [DRAFT]




Project Overview

HelloLocal is a clever, location and context aware App that delivers information to consumers based on their precise location using the latest Beacon, NFC and proximity marketing technology.

HelloLocal partners with cities, retailers, shopping centres and destinations through our smart app that automatically rebrands itself based on the users location. So HelloLocal becomes Hello Geelong, or Hello Chapel Street, or Hello “your destination"

It is one App that we hope is adopted globally for smart cities and brands and the only App a consumer needs to discover location-based information and offers.





Brent Nolan, David Burden, Rohan Lean

Project Brief

Our vision has been to create a single, national app that allows people to discover great offers, deals and information based on their exact location.

We achieve this by using the latest Beacon, NFC, WiFi and proximity marketing technology, offering a new platform for local businesses and customers to connect.

For cities, retailers, shopping centres and destination brands our objective has been to create an affordable proximity marketing solution where partnering organisations can leverage our national network of users.

Consumers and visitors to these proximity aware zones receive information and offers via their smartphones, keeping them both up to date and engaged with the brands. Where possible the offers are highly personalised and targeted based on individual consumer's behaviours.

Retailers and Operators not only get the chance to push relevant contextually aware information directly into their customers hand, but at the same time can gather real time analysis about the behaviour of visitors to their premises or region.

Our technology is all deploy once and then controlled from the HelloLocal Campaign Management System. Our Customers can easily created both proximity and time of day campaigns that engage consumers based on their precise location.

HelloLocal is a free app that rebrands itself automatically to our customer's requirements. Consumers only every need to download one app for all of HelloLocal's customers and services.

Project Need

HelloLocal is innovative at a number of levels and caters for specific customer and organisation needs, including:

• One of the first national, in-app rebranding Apps, utilising proximity marketing technology to simplify the discovery of content based on a users exact location.

• One App for multiple locations reducing the need for people to download multiple retailer apps. Statistics suggest that people do not retain retailer Apps on their smartphone longterm unless frequently used.

• A platform where small retailers can access leading edge technology to market to customers, without the need for large cost outlays.

• Retailers are able to manage content through the HelloLocal CMS.

• The creation of Zones where partnering organisations can control what beacons are displayed in their Zone, perfect for retailer precincts, large retail brands and shopping centres.

HelloLocal rebrands itself within the App based on the Zone its within, i.e. Hello Bendigo, Hello Geelong, Hello Chapel St. This creates a brand partnership with organisations, something they can leverage at a marketing level.

• Open Zone button where users can quickly view all offers and beacon messages for the Zone they are within.

• Users can 'Favourite' an offer to share their details with that retailer for more great personalised offers

• Users can select only the categories of offers you wish to receive

• Users can social share discovered offers and content

User Experience

Once the user has downloaded the HelloLocal App they are notified once a beacons is detected and prompted to open the App. The notification is triggered regardless of the user having the App open or closed. The user is able to control the notification settings within their app preferences.

When the user opens the App it will display personalised content from the nearest beacon. Effectively the App displays a rich HTML 5 mobile website which means anything you can do in a mobile browser can be done in HelloLocal. Play video, audio, be interactive with maps, fill out forms, pay for items etc. We also impose some templates to ensure the branding remains across all visited pages.

Users are able to share content with their social network and control what content they receive through their notification settings from within the HelloLocal App. We have also built in QR Code, NFC reader and other forms of proximity marketing platforms into the App to enhance the discovery of more content.

Project Marketing

We have a number of key marketing drivers, including:

1. Creation of Zones, allowing destination brands to create their own branded Zone within the HelloLocal App. This is seen as a brand partnership and as such partners who create Zones market these to their existing customer base.

2. High end technology made affordable to small local businesses. Participating retailers are equipped with marketing collateral to inform their customers that they can be found on HelloLocal. The marketing devices include 'Find us on HelloLocal' countertop cards, window stickers, website badges and email campaign banners.

3. The sum of many. Singularly small retailers struggle for visibility and are often overshadowed by large corporate retail, but together they help to make up over 96% of Australian businesses. By targeting small retailers and equipping them individually to market their offers and content through HelloLocal, we are maximising our opportunities to achieve high visibility for the HelloLocal brand within the marketplace, creating marketing benefits for us and all involved.

4. Social Media. Leveraging retailer offers and destination Zones, create targeted social media campaigns promoting these and encouraging App download and visitation to participating venues.

5. PR. Target local press and promote involvement of local retailers and the creation of local Zones within HelloLocal.

6. Leverage parochialism by allowing small communities, towns and cities to take ownership of their Zone to assist and promote local businesses.

Project Privacy

We respect rights to privacy under the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Act) and we comply with all of the Act’s requirements in respect of the collection, use, management, disclosure, quality, security, access and correction of your personal information.

This category relates to Startups working on a Mobile project or an App. The project could be for smartphones, tablet, web, game console or api apps.  Startup projects need to be newly emerging, less than 5 million users and less than 3 years old.

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