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My Makeup Collection [DRAFT]





Project Overview

My Makeup Collection offers beauty users a unique way to store and share pictures and reviews of beauty items they have tried. Tapping into the growing beauty blogger and heavy makeup consumer markets the app provides and intuitive and graphic way to organise the users makeup collection and connect with social media. The app also allows users to plan future purchases with a wishlist function and has an analytics function allowing users to review their collection.


174East Pty Ltd


Ngo Chee Yong
Ming Hui Chiew

Project Brief

My Makeup Collection is the only makeup organising app that is fully customisable. Users can add new brands or product types, and have a free typing field to record any other information the user wants to enter. The app allows you to post your review directly to twitter, facebook, or email. You can even set up your blog to receive entries directly from the app!

All the data from My Makeup Collection is stored in the cloud allowing users to access their makeup collection from their phones, tablets or other devices - and to easily access all the entered information if the devices are lost or stolen.

Project Need

Heavy beauty users have been entering information about their current beauty collection into makeup spreadsheets - usually stored on google docs. The spreadsheets allow users to track the items they already own and which items they plan to buy. However the spreadsheets are often hard to access or read in a mobile format (which is how user is most often accessing their makeup record in store). Makeup is by it's nature a visual product and the current spreadsheets linking and reviewing of photos of the product is poor.

For lighter users of makeup the regular packaging changes, name changes and discontinuation of existing products can be frustrating when the user goes to repurchase a product. By having a record of the product name, product packaging and/or product in use it can be easier to replace the existing products in store.

Using a visual database in an app form solves the problem of mobile acccess and linking of photos with the record in an attractive and easy to use interface.

User Experience

Users logon to the app and immediate view either a list of brands or products. They click on the product or brand that they are interested in and can either review their current items in that category or add a new product entry.

When adding new entries the user can add as little as one photo and 3 fields of information or fill in a substantially more detailed review. The entry in then saved to the users personal database in the cloud but can also be shared by Facebook, twitter or email.

The user can then also take photos of their product in use and tap to tag the products that they are using, allowing heavy users to review how they have been using products in different ways and replicating looks in the future with the same products. The looks can also be shared by Facebook, twitter or email.

Our analytics function allows users to see what proportion of their product is made up of each brand and prdocuts type and this information can also be shared or simply used to plan future purchases.

The users can also create a wishlist of products that they wish to buy and share this by email, Facebook or twitter or simply track the purchases that they wish to make personally.

Project Marketing

Our users are heavy users of social media so our main marketing strategies are in the social media space. We use a combination of paid and unpaid marketing opportunities. By offering a combination of curated content and user generated discussion we can tailor our brand and experience to our consumers.

Additionally we keep a abreast of trending topics for the beauty bloggers and reach out to them on appropriate forums and blogs.

Our marketing has allowed us to contually refine the user experience and improve our downloads and ongoing usage/time spent using app.

Project Privacy

Each users records are only available to that user, and have to be accessed via either a facebook login or a email and password. Our privacy policy contains an overview of our data collection and potential use practices. User are required to accept the privacy policy before commencing to use the app.

We continue to review our privacy policies in line with all app updates and industry wide practises and news. Our communications lines remain open with our customers at all times and we are happy to discuss with them any specifics that they would like to explore in more depth.

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