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Velocedee - Mobile Enterprise Application Platform [DRAFT]




Project Overview

The ideal platform for centralising highly secure mobile applications, Velocedee is a mobile enterprise application platform that enables rapid implementation of core business processes and customer applications across almost all of the wide range of mobile devices available today.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator



This has been an ongoing platform development spanning 4 years. Many roles have been involved this solution including Chief Engineers, Solution Architects, Developers, Performance Engineers, Designers and testers. The team has included:
ay Sidri
Derek Clarkson
Gary Chang
Tania Levandovska
Sunil Chand
Andrew Opat
Anjelo Nicdao
Gareth Abriam
Vitaly Sender
Vlado Grancaric
Jiri Sklenar
Gary Chang
Maria La Porta
Harpreet Nain
Chris Minshull
Jonathan Derham
Nick Beagley
Senthil Nathan
Jake Turner
Andre Dumas
Trhia Tolentino
Jeremy Kiss
Brett Henderson
Gerard Gigliotti

Project Brief

Velocedee is a fast, lean and reliable mobile enterprise application platform proven for use by some of the biggest players in the Australian banking industry.

Velocedee was first developed with one of Australia’s leading banks to ensure rapid development and deployment of their pioneering cash management application. Velocedee cleanly integrated into the bank’s enterprise information systems, melding a modular range of applications, security services and reporting functions across different native operating systems and device types.

Velocedee has since launched a set of applications agnostic of operating systems and form factors that can be configured to suit a variety of different financial services including:

• Corporate cash management
• Internet banking
• Trade
• Liquidity

The platform’s features include:

• Integration API services
• Registration, reporting and user analytic features
• Security services
• Multi-language support
• Push notification management across iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices
• Device and application management services
• Enterprise app store support

Project Need

As users turn to online banking more and more, the need to deliver an exceptional, reliable experience across devices becomes increasingly important. Our platform allows our clients both flexibility and consistency across web, native and hybrid applications to ensure they are providing the best possible solution for their customers. Velocedee empowers clients to manage versioning control, allow and revoke application access to selected user groups, monitor real-time crash analytics, and build and manage all of their application assets.

In addition, Velocedee supports most major back-end systems used within the banking industry – minimising disruption and providing the opportunity to optimise and centralise development and deployment of new applications. Fundamentally, Velocedee allows clients to get new features and applications to market faster, without compromising quality and security.

User Experience

In designing Velocodee, we worked extensively with its intended users – our clients – to understand their business objectives and long-term mobile strategies. We conducted one-on-one interviews and group consultations to determine how we could make the experiences of our users exceptional.

Velocedee was then architected from the ground up, based on our clients’ preferences and needs. Integration, consistency across devices and speed-to-market were key concerns that emerged from our customer research and testing – our deep understanding of the industry and the technology enabled us to design a platform that could integrate quickly and seamlessly with existing infrastructure, as well as support the rollout of applications across multiple devices. This ensured our clients’ focus could turn to developing new and better experiences for their users.

Project Marketing

With the launch of many successful applications on the Velocedee platform, Odecee developed relationships both locally and internationally to continue to grow its market. In addition, the go-to-market strategy has consisted of many relevant industry events, speaking engagements, marketing collateral and digital marketing.

Project Privacy

Privacy of data with high value transactional information is a critical aspect of the Velocedee platform. The platform acts as a secure congruent middleware between backend data systems and client applications to ensure the highest levels of privacy and protection of all client and end user information.

The current pick of the crop apps have moved from roll your own to accelerating by using platforms, platforms like yours. The winner of this category will be a platform or service that makes the App life cycle go easier than other alternatives, it will power features that would have taken years to bring to market and allow App Designers to run and jump where if they had to do it themselves they would just be imagining their solution

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