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Who's your Daddy [DRAFT]







Project Overview

Written for men by men, this app guides first time dads through their partners pregnancy with simple daily tips and weekly updates. Who’s Your Daddy? is designed to make the lives of expecting dads easier by giving him a heads up on what to do and not to do during pregnancy in an understandable and lighthearted way.


Studio Yeah


Keith Walsh Creative Director / Writer
David Hovey - Developer
Bart Laugs - Designer

Project Brief

So your wife/girlfriend/partner is pregnant. Congratulations. Now what?
“Who’s Your Daddy?” is the essential iPhone app for future fathers!

Written for men by men (with advice from midwives), the Who's Your Daddy app for iPhone is fully customisable and gives you nine months of humorous yet informative tips in a language you won't require a medical dictionary to decipher! Developed in Australia, the simple and clean design makes it easy to guide first-time dads through the pregnancy journey. It’s what he should expect when she’s expecting.

Useful “there’s a baby coming” coping mechanisms include:

• Daily tips: Day 28: Mood Swings. What mood swings?! There are no mood swings. Remember that.
• Daily tips: Day 249: Ginger ale is great for morning sickness, but only if it has real ginger in it.
• Weekly tips: “Your baby is 16.4cm (the size of a beer bottle) and 300 grams (the weight of a hammer).
• A countdown timer, based on the baby’s due date.
• A timeline with all the key dates that you can add to your iPhone calendar.
• Contraction counter.
• Hospital bag checklist (and suggestions), to-do-list and potential baby name list.

Project Need

Who's your daddy was developed when Creative Director Keith Walsh's partner became pregnant. Keith went to the app store to download some apps to help him get his head around what was coming and there were no apps for men. So. along with 2 mates in the app business he decided to make one. 9 months later Who's your Daddy was born.

User Experience

There are no apps to help men through pregnancy. There are lots for women but most make it feel like the man is not part of the pregnancy journey. This beautifully designed app changes all that. It is written by a man (and checked by some girls - including a midwife) and aims to make the 9 month journey a little less daunting.

It doesn't compare the baby to a fruit, but instead compares the baby to things that men can relate to - At week 14 your baby is the wight of a vintage Yoda in packaging and about the size of a floppy disk.

There are also over 280 daily tips with advice like - 82 days to go: Plan a night out with some buddies next week. And remember, “The app told me to!”.
or 23 days to go: If you’re a good cook, start cooking extra portions and freezing them.

One of the most rewarding things is hearing from men using our app all over the world and saying it's made pregnancy less daunting for them.

Project Marketing

We had no marketing budget so we sent out a press release and free copies of the app to some bloggers. That was the full strategy.

Project Privacy

We don't gather any data in our app

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