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Project Overview

Trade painters have relatively low levels of usage with mobile technology. Valspar ANZ, seeking to assist trade painters become more confident with technology and understand the benefits it can provide, created an App centric campaign which incentivised participation.

Each interaction with the campaign accumulated points and increased the painters chances of winning a once in a lifetime trip experience. These interactions were designed to accelerate product trial, knowledge and endorsement.

This campaign was delivered via an App, website and mobiDdiction's consumer engagement platform “mobiConnect”.

Project Commissioner

Paint Manufacturer Valspar ANZ

Project Creator




mobiDdiction, Sponge Agency, 3 Twins, Valspar

Philippa Durant, General Manager - Marketing Valspar Consumer ANZ
Kathy Casha, Marketing Manager - Solver/Trade Valspar ANZ

Mike Vasavada - Director of Mobility Solutions
Allan McLeod - Project Manager
Midu Chandra - Director of Strategy & Innovation
Dongpil (Mac) Kwak - Lead Mobile Developer
Asif Iqbal - Lead Solution Architect
Joshua Young - Digital Designer

Sponge Agency
3 Twins

Project Brief

Valspar ANZ's leading trade paint brand Solver, has been supporting trade painters for almost a century.

The goal of the campaign was to assist trade painters experience the benefits of using mobile technology whilst at work, in turn helping increase their technology adoption. Importantly the “Solver Ultra Challenge” campaign was designed to increase trial, use and endorsement of the new Solver premium trade paint range.

Valspar ANZ appointed agency partners’ mobiDdiction, Sponge and 3 Twins to develop a digital campaign that centred around a mobile platform. It was agreed that mobile was the ideal lead technology to drive the campaign, supported by an integrated multi-channel marketing programme.

The Trade Paint Centres were also incentivised with a chance to win; by assisting their trade painter customers to download the App they also had a chance of winning.

The campaign had to deliver a word of mouth that accelerated use and experience via painters reaching, engaging and sharing with other painters.

The mobile solution had to be simple enough for non tech savvy people to feel comfortable interacting, whilst being advanced enough to reward behaviours through a live point system.

The solution required: Painter utilities, store locators, offers, events, news and push notifications, whilst enabling ease of painter to painter referral and content sharing.

The integrated marketing campaign had to clearly communicate the great benefits to be gained by downloading, using and sharing content on the App throughout the campaign period.

Project Need

Many trade painters spend much of their time somewhat isolated on the job, so their mobile handset can provide a source of entertainment and also act as a business tool.

Some use desktop computers to support their business activity, so it was important that the solution would synchronise data across website, mobile app, email programme, events and promotional activations.

The task at hand was extensive; to build a word of mouth reward programme incentivised through a competition which would run dynamically across digital channels, all powered by a mobile App.

The solution needed the ability to immediately publish responses, track interactions in real-time and allow program administrators to immediately publish responses across multiple platforms.

In order to fulfil all of these requirements, and build a solution as efficiently as possible, mobiDdiction’s mobile engagement platform “mobiConnect” was employed.

mobiConnect enabled easy deployment for most of the required features, allowing necessary time and planning to be spent on architecting the competition rewards programme. This involved determining how to adequately reward painter behaviour and interactions, and encourage further engagement by inviting other painters to get involved.

This was a one-of-a-kind Trade engagement platform using the principles of CRM & Gamification to engage with painters, all powered via mobile.

User Experience

Painters who were using the App had to be engaged in the programme from the very start, feeling at ease as soon as they loaded it. Keeping the functionality simple, providing intuitive user interactions that built confidence with mobile technology was key.

Marketing driving download was provided via simple ‘how to download’ and ‘Use the App’ videos distributed via EDMs, DM and In-Store-POS.

As soon as painters downloaded and opened the App, they were prompted with information about the programme and how to use it. To kick start their journey, they were awarded points for registering and beginning their experience.

Every part of the painter’s interaction with the App was focussed on getting them to connect with the brand and programme. The leader board and kudos engine, which drove point recognition, were key to keeping painters involved across the breadth of this campaign.

Visually, the interface was minimalist, simple and inline with the campaign creative elements. This meant that the journey the painter followed was consistent and focussed on driving utility via mobile.

The App was broken into the following key parts:
- Registration & RSVPs for events along with painter sharing to earn points
- Submissions of videos, images and comments within the gallery to earn points
- Trial of products to earn points
- Real-time community leader board
- Easy access to perform job-related calculations
- Product Technical specification access
- Invitations for other painters to the program

Project Marketing

The “Solver Ultra Challenge” campaign was supported by an integrated off & online marketing campaign. There were two core audiences we needed to engage with: Painters & Trade Paint Centres. The objective of all communication was to educate trade painters about the ease of download and use of technology.

The key driver for both painters and trade paint centres downloading the App was the incentive to win a once in a lifetime trip experience.

The campaign was supported by In store POS, Promotion, DM to painters, digital media, SEM & SEO, Social Media, SMS Marketing, email, a dedicated campaign website and mobile media.

The roll-out of the marketing program followed a model of Buzz, Engagement & Amplification. With holistic media support, the App and site focused on connecting painters with the campaign, to ultimately become brand advocates that help spread the word about the campaign and the new Solver Ultra range of products, through engagement, participation and referral.

App users contributed a high amount of relevant content throughout the campaign with comments that we hosted in the gallery, liked and shared. Their activity accelerated trial, use and recommendation driving other painters up the customer loyalty continuum.

The campaign was a great success with very high usage of the functionality being recorded throughout the campaign: Average usage of the App equating to almost 70 visits by each registered user over a 4 month period, delivering a very high number of consumer generated brand engagements.

Project Privacy

Within this application, security of data was key and so all data captured was kept in an encrypted format and decrypted by the application for presentation purposes only. All traffic between the app and the mobiConnect system was processed via SSL communication.

The only user behavioural data that was captured was in aggregate format and provided insights into how the painter community was using the Mobile platform to trial and share, as well as what functionality needed improvement.

This category recognises campaigns that use elements such as competitions, promotions & messaging to engage customers on the mobile channel exclusively.
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