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ANZ Grow for iOS [DRAFT]





Project Overview

ANZ’s vision is to create the world’s best wealth management platform with Grow, an iOS app that allows customers to manage their financial portfolio all in one place. It combines basic banking features with share trading, superannuation and insurance in the one app. Designed with usability and simplicity in mind, Grow cements ANZ’s position as a leader in technology innovation in the banking and finance sector.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator

Outware Mobile


ANZ & Outware Mobile

Project Brief

Grow is designed with the everyday user in mind, building on a suite of ANZ products and services to educate and help customers grow their wealth. By combining all aspects of a customer’s financial portfolios in the one natively developed app, Grow makes it easy and convenient for customers to manage their wealth.

The Grow app features:
- Basic Banking: allowing users to check account balances, transaction history and transfer funds
- Investments: making buying/selling shares secure and easy through integration with ETRADE
- Superannuation: providing users with the ability to open super accounts and rollover their existing balance

Project Need

Imagine being able to connect, protect and grow your wealth, all in one place.

Grow is the first app of its kind, combining all aspects of a customer’s financial portfolio together in a native app, including banking, share trading, superannuation and insurance. The integration of multiple enterprise level services means that this app is incredibly complex on the backend, whilst remaining beautiful and intuitive to use on the front end.

As the mobile sector continues to grow, and as we start to rely more and more on technology for everyday functions, it is critical for organisations to remain at the forefront of technology innovation and development. The Grow app leads the financial sector by being the most well designed, user-focused wealth management platform available today. With a 4.5 star rating on the app store, the Grow app is clearly a winner amongst users.

User Experience

The focus of Grow is to create an intuitive and simple experience for customers when managing their wealth. This meant that all the complexity of banking, share trading and managing your super had to be taken away and transformed into something simple. Something that can be done in just minutes, anytime, anywhere.

Grow brings you key features you’ve come to love from ANZ goMoney™, redesigned for the iPad. Check balances and transfer money between your ANZ accounts, on the go. Pay bills, Pay Anyone, and personalise your bank accounts, your way. All you need to get started is your ANZ Internet Banking login details.

Grow makes investing in shares easy. Buy, sell and watch shares on the go, browse Market Place for investment ideas, including independent recommendations from leading research group Morningstar. Then buy or sell shares in just a few taps.

Super is about investing in your future, today. Getting it right could make all the difference. Now you can track and manage your super alongside the rest of your money. In just a few taps, you could open an award-winning ANZ Smart Choice Super account – no forms or paperwork required. Grow can help you track down and bring together your other super accounts.

Project Marketing

ANZ celebrated the launch of Grow with showcase events in Sydney and Melbourne, involving an interactive Keith Urban hologram experience at major shopping centres. The events involved showcasing the app to the public by proving that that the key to managing anything is seeing it all in front of you.

ANZ has also opened up the new Grow Centre at 242 Pitt Street in Sydney for fresh ideas to help grow and protect your wealth. The digital age is transforming the way people live and think, with many people wanting to take personal control of their wealth. The Grow Centre is a welcoming and modern retail destination where people can find practical financial information, free education and leading digital solutions. The opening of the ANZ Grow Centre in Sydney CBD was the first chapter in a series of innovations by ANZ.

The aspiration with the series of Grow innovations is to help customers not only grow their wealth but to also grow their confidence and knowledge to enable better choices and improve financial wellbeing.

Project Privacy

The Grow app conforms to all industry best practice guidelines in terms of privacy and secruity. To ensure that the project meets the highest industry standards for quality and security, Outware set up and continue to improve the continuous integration environment in which Grow is developed. This has yielded measurable quality benefits, including:
- Automated code quality analysis
- Secure code base that meets Apple’s and industry best-practice standards
- Unit test code coverage
- Improved code review process
- Improved coding standards and conventions

The Grow codebase is also modularised, allowing flexibility and sustainability into the future.

This category relates to applications that provide financial information and tools.
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