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Project Overview

The AFL Live app for Pebble is a market first – a live sports app for a wearable device, providing footy fans with match day information and scores anywhere, anytime on their Pebble watch. It also features a vibrate on goal option to ensure users can be alerted when their team scores, all whilst on the go. This app leads the way for a diverse range of applications for wearable technology, with a focus on expanding the sports entertainment experience and engagement with fans.

Project Commissioner

Telstra Media Group


Project Creator

Outware Mobile



Outware Mobile and Telstra Media Group

Project Brief

Outware Mobile has been working with Telstra Media Group and the AFL for over 3 years to create the AFL Live Official app and the AFL Live Club apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android tablet.

The AFL Live app for Pebble adds yet another dimension to the suite of AFL apps available to the most avid of footy fans. Users can see at a glance who’s playing and the score, with the option of turning on a vibrate on goal feature.

A market first, the app opens up the door to the possibilities of bringing sports entertainment to the growing market of wearable technology. No longer confined to the smartphone, the AFL app is designed with the user experience in mind and only delivers exactly what is needed on the go. Users can now keep up with the score of their favourite game, even whilst out and about.

Project Need

According to a new report from NextMarket Insights, the growing adoption of smartwatch software and wireless technologies by traditional watchmakers, the continued advancement of screen and mobile processor technologies and the strong expansion of smartwatches in the children and health/active lifestyle segments will drive the overall smartwatch market from 15 million watches shipped in 2014 to over 373 million by 2020.

The AFL Live app for Pebble is a market first, bringing sports entertainment to wearable technology. It demonstrates the diverse applications of wearable technologies and opens up possibilities for other avenues to engage with customers. AFL is no longer just a sport you watch on TV. You can watch it on your smartphone, tablet and now even follow the scores on your watch. The simplicity of the app is what makes it work so well. By focusing only on what the user needs at a particular point in time, the AFL Live app for Pebble is able to fulfill a simple need in a simple manner.

User Experience

With great limitations on screen real estate and interaction options, the AFL Live app for Pebble was designed with simplicity and a great user experiernce at its core. We have focused the app by building very few features – The ability to see when a match is on, who’s playing, and the score.

To design app, Outware designers and developers needed to understand the fundamental design patterns and UI concepts that are part of the Pebble operating system. As with all smartphone apps, design is key. Pebble uses a flat UI Design that has the following elements:
- Absence of depth, that is, visual flatness for ease of navigation and deference to app content
- Simple yet cool UI components, that is, icons, scrollers, windows with useful information for Pebblers.
- Smart use of typography for text and number that are instantly viewable with a simple glance at the display.
- Imaginative use of black and white (monochrome, no color) displays.

We followed these guidelines when creating the AFL Live Pebble app and have created an app that AFL fans love to use.

The app features smart typography to provide clear and concise information for the user. We also leveraged Pebble’s ability to ‘vibrate’ by developing a ‘vibrate on goal’ feature that means fans know when all the action has happened because the watch vibrates when a team scores a goal.

Project Marketing

Aimed at technology enthusiasts who are also AFL fans, the AFL Live app for Pebble is an innovative new product for the wearable space, bringing live sports data to fans on their wrist, engaging fans in an entirely new way for the sport. In just under two months, the app has had over 1000 unique users, with great positive reviews.

The app is free and was featured heavily in technology news websites including CNET, Tech World and Ausdroid:




Project Privacy

The AFL Live app for Pebble does not collect nor store any user data. In the development of the app, we have followed and implemented all industry best practice guidelines as appropriate to the project.

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