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AppsWiz Native App Development Platform [DRAFT]






Project Overview

Why pay tens of thousands of dollars for a mobile app when you can get a great value native one at a fraction of the cost through the AppsWiz App Designer.




Ben Barnett
Michael Wan
Russell Airey
Ivan Chan
Thong Vu
Fari Akbari
Erin Holland

Project Brief

To create an on-line tool that allow anyone who has ever used other on-line tools like eBay or Facebook to create their own mobile app.

Our app previewer allows our users to easily create their own basic version of a working mobile app in just a few minutes. It has been designed responsively so that it will work across all devices no matter where the user is (subject to internet connectivity of course). You can see this in action here https://appdesigner.appswiz.com/preview/CreatePreviewApp.aspx

We also have a mobile application factory that has allowed us to streamline the whole app creation process. From adding and configuring features, designing splash screens and icons, testing and submitting the app to Google Play and The App Store, we can get a great value, native mobile app ready to go in just a matter of hours.

Project Need

Our App Platform is innovative because:
-First app development platform to directly link push alerts to a users Facebook or Twitter accounts.
-Its integrated with SMS provider Ready2SMS for perfect app promotion to users database for initial and direct marketing
-Integrates with Google Calendar, MailChimp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Food ordering providers and more
-Made for all small to large business in any industry.
-It can deploy large amount of native apps at any one time
-Its fast and efficient having a native app made in 30 mins if needed.
-Builds quality native apps
-Sends free push alerts
-Each app has its own custom design
-Over 52 features to choose from the likes of on-line store, ordering food, all social media, provider feeds, our own events calendar, and much more
-Integrations with leading software, DMS, CMS etc providers
-Client managed, can track daily downloads, what devices, send alerts, update information and add or delete features when needed.
-Can be accessed on PC, laptop, iPad or phone
-Available on all Apple and Android devices.

User Experience

Every client that has an app with us, have their own app dashboard which they log into with username and password.
They can log in at any time, from anywhere and has been designed so its very simple and efficient to use.
We provide them full marketing and technical support.

From that dashboard they can:
-Update current features
-Add new features from large library
-Change feature icon or rename it to what they like.
-Track daily downloads and on what device.
-Send free alerts

There is no extra cost to add new features from our large list, and once a change is made, its live in their app.

Our platform has gone through extensive development and testing over the last 4-5 year to get it to where it is now.

We want it the be the most easy, efficient development platform in the world, and can be used by just about any age.

Project Marketing

We want AppsWiz to be the best & largest mobile app development platform in the world.
It will be the easiest and most efficient platform for our clients to use and understand.
It will be a leader of innovation with the latest features and technology, making our clients apps the best they can be.

Extensive market research into all other app development platforms, analysed leading apps, work with leading software partners to have seamless integrations and competitive pricing suitable for all small to large business.

From doing this market research we have a focus on the right product mix and the best possible service and solution for our clients.

It engages the client/customer to provide them with a cost effective, measurable tool to give them a ROI with many benefits for their business.

Project Privacy

We take great care not to store any personal information in any of our systems and all data is transmitted via our services over encrypted channels. We don't store credit card information or any 3rd party customer information.

The current pick of the crop apps have moved from roll your own to accelerating by using platforms, platforms like yours. The winner of this category will be a platform or service that makes the App life cycle go easier than other alternatives, it will power features that would have taken years to bring to market and allow App Designers to run and jump where if they had to do it themselves they would just be imagining their solution

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