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Musica Viva App [DRAFT]







Project Overview

The Musica Viva app delivers the world of chamber music and music education to your fingertips. Book tickets to a concert, watch a video, listen to music, or donate to one of our music education programs.


Musica Viva Australia


As technology becomes more wide spread and necessary in the arts, education, and not-for-profit sectors, it is important that the leading organisations set the benchmark for the use of these new technologies. As Australia’s largest provider of music education, and the world’s largest chamber music organisation, it was an important goal to connect Musica Viva’s diverse audience, and offer them mobile access to the organisation's services. Musica Viva identified that % of visits came from mobile devices. In order to offer a premium mobile experience, while allowing the user to immerse themselves in fine music art, raise awareness for the Musica Viva In Schools program, and raise revenue, the development of a mobile app was approved.
The app was developed by working within a wireframe developed by Tessitura Network’s TN Mobile Plus which integrates with the widely used arts CRM system, Tessitura. Working with the TN Mobile Plus team, Musica Viva customised the app to allow for the integration of organization specific functions. These functions include the ability to select a specific seat in a concert hall, download a PDF of the concert program guide, or make a donation to Musica Viva. Other functions include the integration of content based social media platforms - YouTube and Instant Encore - which allow users to watch videos and listen to music, as well as other social media platforms to feed the app with content – Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr.
The concept, flow map, visual design, digital content, and user experience, were developed in house by Musica Viva’s team of digital professionals. The team includes Digital Marketing Manager, Kevin Drieberg, Database Manager, Kevin Madeira, Digital Media Manager, Roland Kay-Smith, and Graphic Designer, Patrick Leong.

Project Brief

The brief was to enable Musica Viva’s supporters to remain involved in the organisation’s activities after they had left the concert hall, or donated to the music education program. The desired outcome of the brief is to strengthen customer relationships and increase revenue. The app achieves this by offering high quality music and music education content to Musica Viva’s audience, which enhances the user’s brand experience. The content exists as videos, streamed audio, and blog posts. The app also allows donations to be made to Musica Viva. These donations are then allocated to our music education programs, artist development programs, commissions, or audience development programs. Donors are kept up to date with the donor sponsored activities via the content on the app. The app also allows for ticket purchases and delivers an enhanced concert experience by offering artist interviews, concert program guides, news, relevant videos and music.

Project Need

The Musica Viva app is the all-in-one app for chamber music and music education in Australia. By taking the functionality of an entire website and seamlessly formatting it to suit Android and Apple mobile apps, the Musica Viva app delivers a unique and engaging experience. The high quality and comprehensive content allow users to discover chamber music at their own pace, while offering an in depth look at the artform. By providing content with such depth, Musica Viva continues to develop interest in chamber music in Australia. The Musica Viva app offers easy ticket purchases to national concerts, and allows users to select their own seat in concert halls in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, Canberra, Perth, and Adelaide. This is a function not yet widespread in the arts. The app also allows donors to continue funding a variety of music education and artists and artform development programs through the app.

User Experience

The Musica Viva app is designed for users from all walks of life, from digital natives to first time users. Much time was spent developing the flow map in an attempt to make the user experience as instinctive as possible. The flow map was based on other successful apps, and was tested in market research. As a result, the design of the app is clear and bold, with large icons and clear text. The contrasting, yet on brand, colours allow for easy distinction between icons and actions. The high quality content, which links to the app via a variety of platforms – YouTube, WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter – populates the app with free engaging and relevant content - videos, blog posts, playlists, and downloadable PDFs. The Musica Viva app links to users Facebook and Twitter profiles, allowing users to share content, events, campaigns, and promotions with their friends and followers.

Project Marketing

The marketing for the Musica Viva app is ongoing. The app was launched by Musica Viva’s CEO, Mary Jo Capps, at a concert at the City Recital Hall, Angel Place, Sydney. The promotion of the app has been targeted to Musica Viva’s existing online community. This audience has been reached through eDMs, the Musica Viva website, Facebook advertising, Twitter, and Instagram. A redirected script has been implemented on the Musica Viva desktop website, which directs visitors on mobile devices to a mobile friendly version of the app, and prompts the user to download the app. The app is promoted offline in Musica Viva’s Season brochure and concert program guides. In the first month after launching, 2,581 pages within the app were displayed, and customer feedback has been positive in providing an efficient and easy method of accessing Musica Viva’s content.

Project Privacy

As the app allows for in-app purchases, the Musica Viva app is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. The app is bound by Australian privacy laws and contains a privacy statement tab linkinging to our standard site.

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