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Genesis Charlestown 'Zero' Campaign [DRAFT]



Project Overview

One mobile campaign generated 63 responses that resulted with 21 new gym memberships.

Cost of campaign? A little over $150.

How Genesis Charlestown did it? Utilising MOBIPOST’s two-way communication platform.

Project Commissioner

Genesis Charlestown

Project Creator

Genesis Charlestown


The team at Genesis Charlestown put this campaign together.

They used MOBIPOST, a mobile messaging platform to send, track and record all of the text messaging communications between manager and target audience to help manage the campaign.

Emma-Leigh Heighway, the Club Manager at Genesis Charlestown was able to use the DIY platform to create the inbound campaign and also send out the SMS messages out of MOBIPOST.

The inbound line feature allowed Genesis Charlestown to set up the unique code word "ZERO" so that the audience could text into their account where they received 63 responses that generated 21 gym memberships.

Project Brief

Genesis Charlestown had a great offer they were targeting to ex-members and prospects.

To promote the offer they used their Facebook page account where they had a simple photo of their staff with a caption that read: TEXT THE WORD 'ZERO' to 04XX XXX XXX TO RECEIVE THE $0 OFFER.

The problem? The right people were not seeing the campaign.

The solution? Sending out a simple SMS message to their targeted audience through MOBIPOST.

This campaign resulted with 63 responses of the word 'ZERO' over the month the sale was running.

Project Need

This is not a new concept. The first text message was sent 20 years ago and people have been texting one another for over a decade now. However, the use of a two-way response campaign for business (especially in Australia) is something that is not utilised nearly enough.

From our experience at MOBIPOST, the act of clients engaging with the campaign by 'texting-in' to a specified inbound line, dramatically increases the likelihood of finalising that sale. This is due to "speaking" to consumers on a channel that they are using regularly.

Not only that but studies show that getting people involved in the campaign by them texting-in to show their interest increases the retention of the campaign by 3 times (Source: MobileMarketer; 2014).

This is why the act of "texting-in" is becoming a key tool in generating results.

User Experience

The catalyst to the success of the campaign was using a channel that comes naturally to the target audience. I.e. mobile

Genesis Charlestown took advantage of the fact that people are constantly on their phones, whether it is dedicated to surfing the web or texting.

The text messages that were sent meant that the message "cut through" to their desired audience device wherever they were (home, work, travelling etc.). It was then up to the user to follow through on the call to action (CTA) by "texting-in" the word ‘ZERO’ to Genesis Charlestown’s inbound line.

By only using social and mobile to promote the sale, the predominate way the promotion is coming through to the user is through their smartphones.

It was the deliberate choice to use mobile as the channel to receive the message so that the user could then simply text to their inbound line on same device they received the message on. This adds a level of convenience for the user which again, would increase the likelihood of them texting-in and following through with the sale.

Project Marketing

First off, the sale was promoted on Genesis Charlestown's Facebook page where very small numbers texted in. The problem with using purely social (Facebook) is that the majority of the people who are 'following' you are already accepting of your brand and in this case already a part of the club. You can of course use 'Promoted Posts' but running on a small budget they wanted to find an alternative in targeting their sale.

To ensure the right people were viewing the message they sent an additional text message through MOBIPOST targeting their prospects and ex-members.

As mentioned above, the user interaction and responding by texting-in was a major influence in the success of the campaign. But there were two other key elements to this campaign that made it successful; they used the right channel for the right target market and it was easy to manage with all the responses being recorded (no missed phone calls which is known to happen).

The benefits of using mobile with its high open rates and high response rates made the campaign an absolute winner where Genesis Charlestown has continued to use the two-way communication system in their campaigns.

What they learnt from this campaign? Make every campaign not only convenient for the one managing it, but also convenient for the user.

Project Privacy

The audience that received the message had previously been opted in to receive communications from Genesis. Also the specific databases who received the mobile message had the key elements to ensure it was covered by ACMA and the spam guidelines.

This category recognises campaigns that use elements such as competitions, promotions & messaging to engage customers on the mobile channel exclusively.
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